Wednesday, May 8, 2013

American NAT GAS Independence?

Since I started learning about fracking , I had heard the Pro Hype of fracking up the USA is "independence of foreign oils" . It is a matter of National Security !No need for imports , we have 100 years (oops down to 20 ) worth for domestic use  ,No more wars for oil !!!

What I found over and over while reading this BS Hype, is articles like this one today straight out of the O&G business reports !

Quicksilver withdraws Barnett MLP IPO due to weak NGL prices
The MLP held proved reserves of 430.4 billion cubic feet of natural gas equivalent in the Barnett Shale in Texas.
Quicksilver said it was withdrawing the IPO due to the weak prices of natural gas liquids and as it had sold 25 percent of its Barnett Shale holdings to Tokyo Gas Co (9531.T) . you can click this link for tokyo profile
TOKYO GAS CO., LTD. is a Japan-based gas company
If you read Tokyo's profile you will find it is investing in every way for Exporting US Liquefied Natural Gas .
Hello America wake up , this is not about Independence this is about $$$ for the Greedy !

Next headline that caught my eye ...Senate panel to scrutinize natural gas exports again , this link gives several links to stories about Exporting US nat gas .
Here is one of the newest
here you read ...
A handful of manufacturers, led by Dow Chemical Co., say unfettered exports could destroy U.S. firms’ current competitive advantage in accessing inexpensive natural gas both to power plants and as a feedstock. Advocates of greater exports counter that current domestic demand and natural gas prices are too low to sustain the natural gas drilling boom.
Other supporters stress that the U.S. can strengthen global allies — while blunting the control of other natural gas-rich nations — by exporting the fossil fuel to Japan and other countries.
I say slow down the dang booms !

Read ongoing FuelFix coverage of the debate over exporting U.S. fuel:

this was a year ago ....
Project sponsors are seeking Federal approval to export domestic natural gas

As I said ,"There Are a Lot of reason to believe Americans are getting Conned about Independence !"

How can they regulate and keep us safe at this growing rate ??????

Sadest news I found
Obama on exports -- 'I've got to make a decision'

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