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What is compulsory pooling /Eminent Domain

forced pooling / compulsory pooling /  Integration of resources
“Essentially Eminent Domain for gas drillers.”
Forced pooling — in which landowners who don’t want to take part in drilling can be compelled to do so if enough of their neighbors sign leases with oil and gas companies — is governed by different rules depending on the state. North Carolina’s 1945 law, including all the regulations and guarantees given to property owners in such a situation, is a paltry three pages long.
Because there are almost no regulations in that law — except for the protection of surface water rights and a few other matters — owners who sign a lease and include the proper stipulations can get many guarantees. Those who own property that’s forced into a pool, and who don’t sign a lease, are given almost no rights.

Dustin Chicurel-Bayard, communications director for the North Carolina chapter of the Sierra Club, said forced pooling is “essentially eminent domain for gas drillers.”
“It allows companies to drill on private property, or under private property, without the owner’s consent,” he said. “That’s very worrisome and concerning.” “We think families who don’t want their private property drilled, and their drinking water contaminated…they should have the right to say no to that,” he said.

  Therese Vick, a community organizer for the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League who said she also works with citizen groups in Lee County, also voiced concerns.
“Compulsory pooling is taking of private property, in my opinion, for corporate use, and it deprives people of their civil liberties,” she said.

Local landowner (Ed Harris )explains perils of 'forced pooling'
I first learned of fracking from a letter to the editor in The Herald written by Laura Johnson. In her letter, she addressed the use of eminent domain by the state to take private property rights from citizens and give them to private companies, including the oil and gas industry. This, in my mind, is totally un-American, unacceptable and unnecessary.
What was your first exposure to Senate Bill 820, which legalized hydraulic fracturing in North Carolina?
I learned that SB820 calls this process “Integration of resources,” also commonly referred to as compulsory pooling or “forced” pooling. This does nothing but save the oil and gas companies the extra cost of going around landowners who do not wish for their property to be “fracked.” It is not for the public good. It is only for the good of the bottom line of the company account.
Make sure you read the comments there too. Jim Womack pops in too. 
here are ads Ed paid for a month in The Sanford Herald  

this map is of Leased land to frack with split estates

this is a quote from Jim Womack ....Dr. Ray Covington is a significant landowner in Lee County and also serves as a legislative appointee to the commission. He directs the study group on Compulsory Pooling and Landowner Rights for the commission. Both Charles and Ray are voting members of the commission, and both serve on other committees sanctioned by the commission.
Turns out the COVINGTON FAMILY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP owns a lot of land ! Buying it up as much as they can all around the areas that are already Leased to frack !!!
50 different plots of land ! give or take an acre they own 1000 acres in Lee County!

click any of these pics to see them bigger .
Covington Land bought lately near gas leased land

Covington City land including /office of O&G LLC


own 300 acres bought in 1996 to be fracked
now if you want to play on these maps yourself go here and get details .
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