Monday, April 15, 2013

Fracking Terrorism to the USA

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my yard is carpeted in violets
It's Monday morning , the grass is wet from a light shower the night before .
So I decided to catch up on the news .
As I sit here with my 1st cup of coffee I read a post left by Bonnie on my facebook page (link on right) .
Every day I see new News on explosions ,fires , water & air pollution. All the Inhuman things we let happen in this world.

  Reading this Human story(below) inspired me to write this post .
It made me think of the words I saw Human & NON-Human on a government site... !
I must say I have had to edit it a lot of my 1st draft to take out my angry words...

I saw something the other day on the Lee County NC deed site ...
1st I noticed that they have changed it !? making it Even Harder to search ?yuk
then this really caught my eye ....
 When asking for the Name Type , it said check Human or Non-Human !
I would almost bet at least 1/2 of the NON-Human owning land is ready to frack the heck out of Lee County !
NON-Human : this is just a few
 Whitmar Exploration
Tar Heel Natural Gas
Deep river ltd
Edwards timber company
Human : Dan Butler , 2700 acres in Lee Co .with a GAS well on 1 already !
NC Oil and Gas ? / Ray Covington & Knight Brothers
owns 1000's of acres "they want to frack" too, their website says so!
NC it is Not too late to stop this Insanity from happening to us , If we speak up now in #s !
Must we wait for a terror to come to our backyard , wells  or spilling down our driveway ? Explosions near our schools and churches !
Fracking Terrorism,  For the sake of our children's future at least make sure it is Regulated ! 

Below is a 1st hand story of "How Fracking can change Your Life & Home" below is just a few statements from this article . The 1st lines are scary and I hope people will read this article with their eyes and heart . Remembering this Can happen here !

Charlotte Pritt: Pritt, a former state senator and delegate from Kanawha County, is chairwoman of the Mountain Party.
West Virginians deserve drilling protection, too
Sometimes we listen intermittently until our name is called. When I discovered that there was a hydrofracking injection site well in the middle of the gas explosion in Sissonville, my name was called, and I am listening intently.
It took the terror of having my 6-year-old niece being locked down at Flinn Elementary School near the explosion site for several terrifying hours before I knew I needed to do more than simply listen.
In my quest to find the truth, I discovered some alarming facts. Even though there are three hydrofracking injection site wells where toxic hydrofracking waste is dumped in Sissonville (one within 400 feet of Maranatha Church, another near the former Sissonville High School), the hydrofracking injection site well located in the middle of the Sissonville gas explosion was apparently a well-kept secret. Kanawha County Commissioners and the senators and delegates in my district had no idea that there was an injection site well there.

When these injection site wells fail, which even industry scientists concede they eventually will, it can render the underground source of drinking water undrinkable forever!

 The Doddridge County Commissioners are doing a 2013 version of "Let's say it isn't so" by "redefining" the borders of the floodplain to allow the frackers free rein to desecrate the land and harass residents. The overcrowded highways and dangerous fracking trucks already have crushed and killed two children, ages 6 and 10, in northcentral West Virginia.

here's anothe explosion in WV since this 1 above
Ohio worker killed after West Virginia natural gas explosion

Well I think I will go outside now and enjoy nature while I can .
Peace Terica

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