Friday, April 19, 2013


What BS , Mike Stone needs to grow the heck up!
Everytime someone speaks against Mike he whines and tries to get revenge .


One of the times before was his daughter's school
Lawmaker upset when daughter's class appeals for school funding
Rep. Mike Stone, R-Lee, said school district officials had his 8-year-old daughter's third-grade class at Tramway Elementary School write letters to elected officials, including him, to protest cuts in the proposed $19.7 billion state budget.
"I was extremely disappointed, but I tried not to show that in front of my daughter," Stone said. "I don't know that at any time we should use our third-grade students as lobbyists."


Stone's NEW motto
Sanford radio show taken off college station after NC Rep. Stone complains

A Lee County community college stopped airing a radio talk show this month after a state lawmaker took issue with an online post a radio host wrote criticizing the lawmaker.
A legislative assistant for State Rep. Mike Stone, wrote the president of Central Carolina Community College on April 3 asking what the school’s affiliation was with “The Rant,” a weekly radio show hosted by three former Sanford-area journalists on the college’s FM radio station WDCC, 90.5. Stone is a Sanford Republican serving his second term in the state legislature.
The show’s hosts don’t plan on fighting the suspension, but will move to an online podcast format to shield the community college from negative pressure from Stone or others.

“Taken together, these bills show that Stone’s priorities are misplaced,” Anderson wrote in his post for the Rant. “While we continue to struggle with unemployment and budgetary constraints, our representative in Raleigh is availing himself of the opportunity to dabble in local partisan politics. It’s a shame.”

Stone’s local bills have been a heated topic in Lee County political circles this month. The Lee County School board passed a 4 to 3 vote opposing all three of Stone’s local bills to force changes to the elections, the make-up of the community college’s trustees, according to this Sanford Herald article. Former state Rep. Jimmy Love, a Democrat defeated by Stone in 2010, serves as the attorney for both the school board and community college and handled N.C. Policy Watch’s public records request for the community college.
Stone’s House Bill 490 proposes to make the Sanford city and Lee County school board partisan, a change that would reverse how the elections have been conducted for decades. Another bill introduced by Stone, House Bill 491, would require the Lee County school system to send money to the sheriff’s office to pay for school resource officers.

Isn't odd he will point fingers at folks for asking him to do right for the People .
But then again we all know (He thinks) He is above the law ! 
N.C. Rep. Stone's store has gaming
The state lawmaker who led a closed-door committee meeting last week for House Republicans to hear from lobbyists and special interests on video gambling is, himself, in the gambling business.

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