Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ANTI-Frack Lee CO & Events

There's lots happening around Lee County to get the word out these days .
1st let me remind you ...there is a Compulsory/FORCED pooling meeting this Friday 9AM till 3pm in Sanford to learn more go here they are trying hard to fast track this by JUNE 2013 ,yep this year!

The radios are buzzing , a BIG thanks to Richard Ziglar on WUNC radio !!
 here is a great article with Ed Harris from Sanford . It also has Therese Vick from BREDL telling the truth about fracking.  this is a 3 day series BTW.
Fracking North Carolina: What Do We Do With The Waste?
more from Ed today
Fracking North Carolina: Could Neighbors Be Forced To Frack?

for more fracking NC articles from WUNC check here

 Signs are popping up all over town and there were more ordered lately !  

 the papers are covering fracking more too.
  Lee County frack news reports
Mineral rights pose challenge for some Lee Co landowners who may be forced to drill
Don Kovasckitz, Lee County's strategic services administrator, told county commissioners in February that the reservation of mineral rights is listed on some deeds for the last four or five sales of the land.
"I'm not sure if we could find those miner
al rights of record," he said.
Womack said landowners in Lee County should check the county's database for information about their property. More information can be found at the Register of Deeds office, he said.
Kovasckitz said the information on the county website is not guaranteed to be accurate. Property owners should talk with a lawyer for legal information about their land, he said.
"We've put the data online to give people a place to start," he said.

Companies eye conventioinal drilling for gas deposits in Lee

 Other Antifrack Events happening soon in Lee County more info on this asap

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