Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4/8/2013 Frack Mess News US EXPORT

Six Reasons Fracking Has Flopped Overseas - Forbes

Pooling Measure Dies In Senate
Drought increases drilling concerns
The biggest hurdle for the pro-industry side: The rapid expansion of fracking over the last five years has resulted in confirmed cases of drinking water contamination, a house explosion, and air pollution.
Disputes over environmental impact of 'fracking' obscure its future

Spill news
Exxon Mobil Pipeline Rupture and Train Derailment Oil Spill Exemplify Concerns of Keystone XL

MUST SEE VIDEO: Colbert’s Take on the Exxon Pipeline Spill

Once again this is an example they intend to Sell /EXPORT US Nat Gas

Ex-Obama adviser touts diplomatic benefit of LNG exports
Gas Business Briefing
President Obama's former top intelligence adviser claims that limiting US exports of liquefied natural gas could impair diplomatic ties with Asian countries, particularly Japan. "It would be a major mistake not to do it in terms of US-Japanese relations," said
India Is Ready for US Natural GasWall Street Journal


more on exporting

The call to rein in plans for LNG exports comes on the same day that Cheniere Energy Partners announced it had signed up Centrica of the UK as its sixth biggest overseas customer for US shale gas exports, subject to regulatory approval.


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