Sunday, April 7, 2013

4/7/13 Frack Mess news

Free Webinar: Fracking and Its Connection to Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Action is extremely concerned about fracking’s impact on public health, and so is a growing movement of individuals and organizations across the country. Please join us on Monday April 29th or Tuesday April 30th to have an informative conversation about fracking, its impacts on human health and what we need to do to protect public health and stop cancer before it starts.

Licking County landowner fights pipeline and appears to have won

Fracking? - Are You Kidding? | The Pilot: Southern Pines, NC Particularly humorous is the assertion of all the employment the fracking process will offer. Most drilling operations utilize very few jobs - possibly one or two crew leaders and some partially skilled laborers. Not quite the reality some would hope.
As with any procurement and production of a natural resource, the process is expensive and messy.
Further, with nearly all manufacturing industries relocated to China, and with a large portion of current natural gas supplies being exported, I'm at a loss as to why we need to take such drastic steps to extract natural gas using this particular process.

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