Thursday, April 4, 2013

4/4/13 Frack Mess news

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This is bad.
"Thanks" to ExxonMobil, dozens of Arkansas families were forced to spend their weekend breathing in toxic chemicals like benzene from their own backyards. 84,000 gallons of toxic tar sands crude from Exxon's latest pipeline spill poured down the street and continue to threaten Lake Conway. Officials have no idea when it will be safe for residents to return home.
Keystone XL would carry nine times more tar sands than the broken Arkansas pipeline.
Extreme fossil fuels mean extreme risks -- enormous public risk for enormous private profit. This was actually the second tar sands spill in the same week, and comes right as ExxonMobil was fined nearly $2 million for yet another 2011 spill in the Yellowstone River.
When it comes to tar sands, spills and other painful accidents aren't a matter of "if," but "when." For the residents of Mayflower, Arkansas, "when" was a holiday weekend evacuation.
Leak near Colo. plant highlights pipeline problems
Authorities are investigating after construction crews discovered a problem with a liquid gas pipeline that allowed a carcinogen to seep into the ground near a large creek that feeds into the Colorado River.
The leak near an energy plant in Western Colorado was discovered largely by accident, even though several state and federal agencies are charged with monitoring gas pipelines in the state.
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GE building $110m O&G research center in Oklahoma
General Electric announced Wednesday that it will spend $110m to build a new global research center in Oklahoma.
The center will be "dedicated to driving innovation and technological advancements in the oil and gas sector and bringing products to market faster," according to GE
  • New center to develop innovative technologies in oil and gas sector
  • Strengthen GE’s Oil & Gas business, capitalizing on $11 billion in recent investments

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    To get the gas to market, hundreds of miles of pipeline are being laid along clear-cut forest "tunnels" sometimes dozens of yards wide.


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