Thursday, April 18, 2013

4/18/13 frackmess news / Eco-terrorism

Okay I am fighting hard to keep NC from being fracked because it is my Home. I wasn't born here though , I was born in Indiana.
Since I first found out about fracking i had also checked to see if they were trying to frack back Home too?? So far nothing ,even though they are fracking messing up Ohio  with waste-water and now they want to frack them too.
 ILL, they want to run the freaking XL pipeline through there ... and it continues ...
Well when i googled Indiana and Fracking this time this is what i found , 1 on Indiana state then some others on Indiana Co PA ...

Indiana Bill Would Make It Illegal to Expose Factory Farms, Clearcutting and Fracking

They have a blog just for the county's fracking mess! Guess that means they aont all Happy there?
Indiana CO PA coalitionforahealthycounty.wordpress

then I found a map of Indiana County PA 65 wells in one county and 9 Violations.

“Eco-terrorism” and the Green Scare

Welcome to! This website focuses on how fear of “terrorism” is being exploited to push a political and corporate agenda. Specifically, I focus on how animal rights and environmental advocates are being branded “eco-terrorists” in what many are calling the Green Scare.

OTHER news
Compulsory Integration Worries New York LandownerCompulsory Integration Worries New York Landowner

Another Reason to Ban Fracking: Obama Administra​tion Approves Lax Guidelines for Radioactiv​e Exposure – EcoWatch: Cutting Edge Environmen​tal News Service

'Fracking' emissions monitoring to be tightened
Okay I know this is off topic of fracking but then again If there were less people there would be less demand on fossil fuels !

Thousands of Endangered Species Condoms for Earth Day

Endangered Species CondomsNext Monday is the 43rd Earth Day, and here at the Center for Biological Diversity we're hoping you spend at least part of your day thinking about what you can do to make this planet a safer place for both nature and people.

As part of our work to highlight how human population growth is hurting wildlife -- one of the focuses of the first-ever Earth Day -- the Center's intrepid population activists will be giving away more than 15,000 free Endangered Species Condoms at events around the country. All told, the condoms will be part of 20 events in 13 states -- from New York and Florida to Alaska and Hawaii. They'll be featured at music festivals, ecology fairs, zoos, restoration projects and film screenings.

Read an Indianapolis Star preview of an Earth Day event at Purdue University featuring our condoms


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