Saturday, April 13, 2013

4/13/13 Frack Mess News /Profrack Womack

Lots of news these days shared with me  , so I am trying to do local stuff first,
 then other stuff in sections like Fire , Spills etc .
I do this in my free time so Please share it too.
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FYI “Underground migration can occur as a result of improper casing and cementing of the well bore as well as the intersection of induced fractures with natural fractures, faults, or improperly plugged dry or abandoned wells. Moreover, there are concerns that induced fractures can grow over time and intersect with drinking water aquifers” Large gas companies won't be coming to NC since the shale is so close to the water table, instead we will get flooded with small wild cat gas companies. Who won't be bonded to the max, and will drill and spill.

N.C. group discusses environmen​tal issues related to fracking

elsewhere ....
the 1st thing that came to my mind when reading this article is ...
Jim Womack our Profrack Lee County Commissioner and Head Chairman at MEC said , "Bradford County PA folks were Happy with fracking ! "
Commissioners to ask Pa. Legislature for assistance


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