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4/11/13 Frack Mess News

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PACWA’s List of the Harmed Now Mapped by FracTracke​r

WV “Forced Pooling with a Twist” Dies in Senate for 2013 | Marcellus Drilling News

June 2012 , Earthquakes and Fracking was the topic of the news around here ...and it seems it is back in the headlines again . I found this 1st article from last year when I was searching for a "NC Fault-line map " which has proved to be a challenge to find ??

There are maps of earthquake epicenters and fault lines in North Carolina. Geological information sources stated, after the creation of the map shortly after 1997, that "faults beneath the surface (of North Carolina) that generate earthquakes have yet to be positively identified." Those faults that are closer to the surface of North Carolina were identified as being "ancient and inactive." The map does not identify any earthquake epicenters or fault lines close to Fayetteville. However, there are five epicenters extremely close to Wilmington. Most epicenters in North Carolina are in the mountains, as are fault lines. There are several minor fault lines identified as being in the Piedmont.
Since it appears as if North Carolina is about to jump into the frying pan when it comes to fracking, it may pay to be more cautious. Check with your representatives. It is important to consider that many people who are in prison have been convicted of serious crimes on the basis of less circumstantial evidence than there is concerning the relationship of fracking and earthquakes.

Now here are two stories on the same report on Fracking Earthquakes posted this week !
Fracking does cause earthquakes - but you'll hardly feel them

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