Monday, March 25, 2013

Patronizing Compulsory Pooling Study group

Patronizing : to adopt an air of condescension toward : treat haughtily or coolly
If you are patronizing, you tend to speak down to others, acting as though you are smarter, classier, or just plain better than anyone else.
Loved pulling up to the meeting seeing this !

March 22 was "World Water Day" for that reason I decided to go to the both MEC meetings scheduled at the Lee county McSwain Center . Dedicate my day to standing up for our Earth's water.
Well I went to the so called Compulsory Pooling study group ? 1st they called it a Workshop now Study ...either way ,it seems to me that they have their minds made up and don't want the general publics concerns or input . I intended going and writing a blog on a full report of my understandings of the meeting. Half of the speakers straining I could hardly hear and really did not hear enough to really get anything out of most of it?
I stood up near the front through a lot just to record it with my camera in hope to relisten later .
BTW ,I did find out after the meeting the full minutes and audio are supposed to be posted later at DENR ...
Well after the way that Ray Covington responded to a member of the audience I totally forgot most of what i intended to blog about and it has taken me the weekend to calm down enough to write the DENR/MEC members about it !
Lib Hutchby is not a radical person like some of us that would have jumped up and told Ray a thing or 2 about his attitude but was very polite to him even after his patronizing speech .
Here is the video I captured trying to hear since there were not microphones. After the video is the letter I wrote and sent via email today to the MEC members .
Please let me know what you think about this ?
Trina Ozer <>,,
Dear DENR and MEC,
Trina ,please feel free to forward this to anyone I should have added to the list.
Once again I attended the last compulsory pooling meeting 3/22 and was very disturbed by the way it was conducted .
1st let me say that as an older person my hearing is not as good as once and I had to stand up often and lean in to hear most of the speakers . Please try to arrange to at least have a microphone centered to the room to help the audience hear what is being said.
I do know the minutes are recorded and I can later read or listen to them online but I would prefer to hear it at the actual meeting.
I was there for both meetings and had trouble hearing at both .
2nd and truly the most upsetting is that DENR /MEC advertises the meeting from 9 to12.
#8 of the Agenda says "Public Questions and Comments" . Yet again after the final report at 11:25 Ray Covington asked for questions and comments . One elderly person spoke from the audience and less than 2 minutes of her speaking she was cut off .
Ray's exact words when she tried to continue is "Quit honestly ,This is My Meeting!" I am little confused on that part since I thought as many others, that this was a Public Education Study Group ?
The only person that even seemed unconcerned to what she had to say was Chairman Womack who walked out as soon as she started speaking . The audience sat respectfully listening .
Mr Covington also said, that her topic of Water does not have to do compulsory pooling ? I beg to differ , a great deal of the people of Lee and other counties rely on wells for their drinking water . Many grow their food , animals and farm . Nothing will not grow without water.
Water should be an issue on all of the MEC boards .
Ray went on to speaking about this longer than she had time to speak in all? It was patronizing , the way he said " and by all means , I don't think there is a single person in this room that wants to see NC or Earth dirty , okay . How wonderful it would be , If we all could go to Sustainable energy just like that (snapping his fingers ) It would be Fantastic ! and he went on more ... Why not just let her comment?
We are told to put our questions in writing and hand them in .Then they May or may not answer them at the end of the meeting.
Then continually at these Study groups they tell people they will answer their Q's in private After the meeting ?
I and others have concluded it is for 2 reasons .
1 so other people in the audience does not hear the concerns and 2 so the concerns are not on the recordings of the meetings again so others will not know the concerns .
As a concerned landowner I want to hear the concerns of others too. If these Study groups are not the right place for concerned people to speak to the MEC , then where ? When ?
Thank you for reading my letter.
Terica Luxton , Lee Co Landowner

For the record I took a picture of what Mr Womack was doing when he walked out while Lib spoke .
This is Jim spotting the Indyweekly mags with an aritcle of who is really is.

Please let me know what you think about this ?
Thanks for reading .

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