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My highlights of Lee Co meeting March 19th

My highlights of the March 19th Concerned Residents “what’s Fracking ? “ meeting. Well they say you live and learn… we learned last night passion can confuse an agenda!

To start with we had 2 hours, one hour was scheduled for a slideshow, 3 speakers and a short 20 minute movie  

Slideshow  and Welcome from Ed Harris
Therese  from BREDL
James  from Rafi USA
Power point
Video about fracking
Q&A ,open floor

Well it did not go the way we planned… There were only about 40 people there. About ¼ had been to the last meeting so we wanted to provide different information. That much we did. We started off on path but passion took the meeting.

 People are wanting to speak and tell what their fears are which is great but as for our Agenda it did not work. This is not a complaint but an observation of what we need to focus on next time to make sure we do educate those that come wanting to learn. Without losing the passion too! maybe next time we will have the agenda announced at the beginning ?maybe posted on a poster ...or make handouts?  
Now for the highlights…1st let me say as we got there at 6 to prepare 1 couple was already there waiting to ask “what is Fracking??” .By the
time we started to set up , more were coming in asking the same! Some that actually worked at the courthouse! That is a high point in itself to me, people are wanting to know?

I also spoke to a couple from WV that had a story about their water well getting ruined from the fracking process going wrong! Still need to get back in contact with them to get more details?

We started out with the slideshow going of pictures Therese Vick put together that we collected from people that are living with this hell or has daily from PA, Ohio , ND & Colorado. We played this till about 6:40 as Ed greeted everyone and since folks were still coming in.

Our first speaker Therese Vick from Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League.    

She brought Senator Bob “drill baby drill” Rucho along with her too. She told us he is actually a dentist too ,that is why he is pushing drilling so hard!

Therese told everyone about the slideshow then gave a great presentation with a powerpoint about the EPA study and also informed us more about Senate Bill 76 and it’s nightmares for NC .

(want to learn more about SB76 go to  .

Then we had James Robinson back from RafiUSA link above. James also gave a slideshow giving information on Compulsory pooling . He told us how our laws are still from 1945 …He told us how RAFI is against forced/compulsory pooling because it takes the Rights away from the landowners! He told us even Ray Covington of MEC said “Don’t Not sign leases now”. He told the Importance of going to the meetings that the MEC have. Learn and speak at the meetings about your concerns! He also shared with us the 1st Proposed Rule MEC has made. Encouraging everyone to write in your comments on it here before Friday.

After James spoke he explained he could not wait for the end of the meeting so if anyone had Q’s for him please ask now? And they did, many questions and comments too.  

Well we were still doing fair on our Agenda !

Janeth V Benitez from Workers for Clean Water ,spoke in Cecilia’s place, giving examples of the effects on rent & expenses for the poor and low income workers of NC.
Then she gave part of her time to a student from Lee Co, Reggie Marsh, to speak on the effects on students and athletes if fracking came.

While Therese was trying to get the movie started, comments started coming in …Well we were sliding away from our agenda by then.
Well to make a long story shorter …the movie never made it.

But folks talked! Which even though we did not have an Organized Agenda meeting … I am sure people learned a lot in the process. If nothing else they surely learned, people are Passionate about their worries for their future water, air and land!

I tried to get some of the names but forgive me if I missed someone…

MaryAnn and Christine admins from  they talked to the audience about what they’ve seen themselves and learned running their page. Including the fact that MaryAnn has dealt with Benzene and radiation in her water from fracking when she was pregnant with twins years ago.

When she brought up Benzene a nurse in the audience spoke up on some of it’s cancer causing effects on people! Lots of comments starting coming up !

We also had Representative Deb McManus, NC House District 54 to come up and speak. She told us to hold strong in our fight because “It does make a difference!” She reminded that since the SB76 has come to the floor lots more people are finally speaking up all over NC against fracking . Especially when they realized NC could become a Dumping zone for Frack waste too. She reminded us that we should be writing and calling our concerns into the Representatives and MEC . Even if they want fracking , the fact that they get 1000’s of calls & letters saying “the people Don’t want SB76 “ it will be on the records! They will have to pay attention!

We had many more people from Lee County there speak out too. Richard Hayes, reminding folks about the noise pollution involved. (Look at the videos in my last blog for examples of that, it is scary!)

Several mentioned the fact that we had to vote out a lot of the Profrackers that are in the deciding positions now. With no surprise Mike Stone and Jim Womack came up a Lot.

BTW thanks to Jeanne for going to Durham to pick them up , we also had copies of the INDY weekly magazine with the great article about Jim Womack the MEC chairman and Lee Co Commissioner, by Billy Ball. He really tells what a sneaky un-caring self-centered character Womack is.

Mark Coggins from Sanford gave us a good tip, he explained to us that we needed to educate the voters via ballot samples! He said they make a strong impact on the voters vs signs and such! I have to admit it helped me in 2012.

We had Monica & a friend from Croatan Earth First came from Durham County to share an event they are having, 2013 Treehugger’s Ball April 27th you can find the info on their page

The coolest part is people kept talking even after our time was up at 8:30! We had folks standing outside talking till about 9!

I know that was not all, but I thank everyone that came out and got there. I thank everyone who helped make this happen .

We have got a lot of work ahead of us and I am sure it will not always go as “planned” but I have faith “We are making a difference”!

If you were there last night we’d love to hear your input too!

What did You learn? Any Tips ??

How can we get more people involved?   

Where can we have our next meeting ?

What would you like to do at this meeting?

Thanks for reading, Terica Luxton  

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your comments about this meeting! Thank you for all the good work you are doing! Keep up the good work! You and all involved are an inspiration!



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