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Fracking Mess headlines

Hellebores blooming are such a treat

 I am getting Spring fever and trying to keep up with all the Fracking Shale Gas news and getting it posted on the facebook page is getting harder and harder.
So I am going to try making a daily blog with the links I found interesting.
Plus after posting great information for a year at the facebook page I realize how hard it is to search for a certain topic there vs on this blog I tag things so if you search for a certain topic say "Jim Womack , MEC , videos etc you will find them much easier. Hopefully .
From the Fracking headlines.........
locally NC regulators to measure air quality in Lee County in anticipati​on of fracking
Shale gas exploration, loosely referred to as fracking, involves heavy industry such as drill rigs, trucks and compressors that release diesel fumes and other pollutants.
The work plan for air quality monitoring cites “direct and fugitive air emissions of a complex mixture of pollutants from the natural gas resource itself as well as from diesel engines, tanks, impoundment ponds and on-site materials used in production.”
Shale gas exploration in other states has led to complaints about noise pollution as well as physical irritants caused by industrial emissions.

Read more here:

Waterless Fracking Makes Headway in Texas, Slowly | StateImpac​t Texas
after reading the story above about "propane hydraulic fracturing" I remembered reading of this in the past . Bill Huston's blog gave a good description of this process vs with water .

Neither in my opinion sounds smart or safe !
Last March at the 1st Goverment frack workshop I'd attended , I heard a Profracking politician from Indiana County PA say , when asked about the SECRET cocktail in fracking fluids ..."Just because the ingredients are not shown, does not mean they are unsafe ! He had heard of one company that was talking of using coffee in the mix !" Saying "there are lots of Household ingredients being used ."
Well as a serious coffee drinker that was not appealing to me ! Coffee cost too much as is ! If they have to grow it for O&G use, what will a lb of coffee be in the store then ??
Now they are talking of using another bean ? again doesn't those beans need water and land to grow? If they use the supply growing now that normally is used for Food where does this leave the food consumers ???
I don't go anywhere without my coffee !

now here's a great headline ! made me grin a little !
Gas Industry Report Calls Anti-Fracking Movement a "Highly Effective Campaign"
From a O&G article they say ...
"The global anti-fracking movement has mounted an effective campaign against the extraction of unconventional gas through hydraulic fracturing ('fracking') as witnessed through local bans in the US and Canada; national moratoriums in France and Bulgaria and tighter regulation in Australia and the UK.

Meanwhile the oil and gas industry has largely failed to appreciate social and political risks, and has repeatedly been caught off guard by the sophistication, speed and influence of anti-fracking activists."
1st Lee County residents information meeting on fracking
 a fabulous NC writer Judy Hogan wrote ..." It's hard to believe, but I remember the Vietnam War, those early protestors, a mere handful marchng down the street. Four years later, the President resigned and we got out of Vietnam. This is non-partisan. When I talked to my neighbors last weekend, those 11 who signed had known nothing about what threatens us. We have to spread the word. Talk to your plumber, the postmaster, the neighbors, the garbage collectors. It's not just the twelve counties in Central NC that are threatened, but NC as it has been, a tourist attraction, enough water (almost), beautiful beaches and lakes, farm country."
you can find her blog here ...why-i-oppose-fracking by Judy

next headline sounds creepy to me ?? what do you think?
Tracers may ease public’s fracking fears

And last but not least while I go off to play outside ... A big nightmare for me ...

Small Towns Find Fracking Brings Boom, Booming Headaches

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if you need more to read ... here are other headlines shared with me from other Fractivist lately ...

Earthquakes ...States deciding not to look at seismic risks of drilling

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