Sunday, February 17, 2013

NC Tourism $$ endangered by Hydrofracturing

NC Tourism endangered by Hydrofracturing is a true fact.

 All you have to do is look at the many reports of other states being fracked to see what could very well happen here . If we don't stop it before it gets started.
I decided to focus on just some of the things & places  that brings in a big percent of the $$ around some of the areas they want to Frack around ...
 Since I am in Lee County I will focus today on places here and counties surrounding us  I know will be impacted .
this is a picture I got from a story of a farm being fracked

Local Farms bring in the tourism , from attracting people to visit and also the goods they sell at the markets .
Ask the folks at the North Carolina Farm Fresh  !

Farms like

check out this blog of a local farm

Now see this week's story here about a fracked farm

How about the State Parks and local parks near where they want to frack like here in Lee county the
 Historical park on Highway 42 Ole Gilliam Mill Prak

 Jordan Lake , every spot in the map above represents $$
 How much Tax $$ was spent to build that just to Frack up the water air and scenary!

Economic Impact of Jordan Lake State Recreation Area

What about the eagles ,do you think this new mom on Jordan Lake wants fracking around ?

okay this is a just a small amount of how tourism will be damaged by fracking ...
personally I think that is more than enough ...

thanks for dropping by
Now go get involved !

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