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Maps of Lee Co NC/ Mineral Rights split estate & gas leases

Wow , if you have not read the Wonderful Reuters fracking Article
 By Hallie Seegal , go now and read it but come back to get info on these maps !!
She really gave Lee county some attention in the article and shows more concern of what is happening to our smallest county in NC than any article I have seen !
She interviewed Jeanne Rhea (Lee co artist ) and her husband Vince , they tell a first hand experience they dealt with almost buying split estates land. She has talked to others and wants to talk with more who may/have split estates?
She not only helped put Lee County on the "map of attention" but gave us a link to another Map that can help everyone learn where the Split Estates are ! 
She gave a link for 'a map' so she sent me the right one and extra tips on how to search . The link however on the report did not work . I wrote her and she wrote back asap giving a link and easy instructions to follow !
I wanted to share this information with you in hope that Everyone will take time to find out if they actually own their minerals rights ?
 What about your neighbor ?
Do they know if they are safe from a "Split Estate" , only owning surface rights and not mineral ? With Compulsory Pooling still allowed in NC that could turn a dream home into a  nightmare fracking pad area !
So here goes ....

When you accept the disclaimer, a map will be prepared.
 On the right hand side, make sure the box that says "Mineral rights / Oil and gas" is CHECKED.
 Once you check it, a bunch of purple will appear on the map.
The purple represents split estates.
Then, on the left hand side, type in either a) the address of property owner in question
or b) the LAST NAME of the property owner in question.
 A number will then appear on the map that corresponds to the property owners parcel of land so you can see if you are affected.
You can scroll around the map by clicking the button that looks like a HAND on the top of the screen.
You can also click the button that looks like a lower case i,
and then click the different purple blocks to see the homeowners for each parcel, as well as the mineral owners.

The map shows all severed & leased estates in Lee.
Severed means the surface and minerals are owned by different parties. They were either severed before the current landowner moved in, or the landowner leased them out recently to an oil and gas company. The best way to determine is to look for:

Dan butler
Deep river ltd
Edwards timber company
And many others.
 If the mineral rights owners above already leased out to an exploration company, (whitmar, Tarheel etc) the names of the exploration companies will appear above or below the mineral rights owner on on the right hand side. This information will appear under the property owner info on the right side.
there may also be other mineral rights owners than the few I listed above, so just look for names that are different from the property owners.

Please leave a comment at Hallie's article if you can, thanking her for showing a caring side to the Lee County people and wanting to help !
HINT : I copied and pasted the instructions on a post-it with windows 7 ,made it easier ,  for both map searches !
2. other map on google

These blue areas are land already leased by gas and oil companies . On the real map scan around there are a lot too small to see in one frame 
At they give lots of great info to educate yourself on fracking & some great info on how to see the land already leased here in Lee County NC !
They missed one step that has kept some from getting the info *Change ‘Name Type’ to Business..
So now these instructions below are floating around to help and I thought I'd add them along .
The best way to search for oil and gas leases is to use the Lee Co Register of Deeds site located at
At the main page:
click Acknowledge disclaimer
click Full System
click Land
click Grantor / Grantee
then *Change ‘Name Type’ to Business (little down arrow )
There are 3 oil and gas leasing companies currently listed in Lee Co: many of these deeds were arranged by "Ray Covington's ,Oil and Gas LLC too. his name is on the deeds !
Whitmar Exploration
Tar Heel Natural Gas
Add one of these to Business/Last Name then click the Search button
You can then pull up the image for each individual lease and / or print it by checking the image buttons .

Okay it took me forever to compile this information .
 All I ask in return is use it !
 If you learn something we all should know ,share it ! 
If I forgot a step let me know so I can change it here too.
Now go check it out and educate others ,we can make a difference if we work together ! 

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