Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fractivist burnt out? Check this out

Hello fellow fractivist , I am realizing just as things seem to be warming up in our little town of Sanford against fracking ...I am burning out !
So I have been digging in youtube for fracking songs when I found this Cool workshop.
I am putting them here because I intend to watch it in the AM with coffee ...

In Video Part 1, Yarrow reflects on the power of song, and illustrates by singing "Sweet Survivor". Later, two American spirituals with adapted lyrics and technique are sung together by the participants of the workshop.

In Video Part 2, more song adaptation are sung together.

We can be poets , we can be clowns ....

Filmed August 19, 2012. ** Video Part 2 of 2 ** Peter Yarrow and Bethany Yarrow lead a teach-in on creating--and improvising--new anti-war, and anti-fracking lyrics to familiar songs. Like Tim DeChristopher (Peaceful Uprising), he believes people singing together and partaking in the collective experience has an increased effect on movement solidarity. He offers tips on how to coordinate and lead people in song to this effect.

I hope we all can learn something from these videos that will help us  "Carry On "

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