Monday, February 4, 2013

decrease school population /womack way

Let's frack the poor right out of here !
Dec 18, 2012 meeting of the MEC "Funding Levels and Potential Funding Sources Study Group".(fracking reduces population of poor people theories) Diana Hales sent this short transcript of the portion of that meeting Sharon referred to. You can go on the DENR MEC website; find the agenda and download audio.

The committee was talking about impact fees and severance fees. The conversation drifted into benefits of fracking to the local area. when these comments were made
Transcription from audio, Jim Womack: "There are accrued benefits we should study, since no one else has. Manifestation of drilling boom, for a while, raises rent prices, a concern, elevates median income and increases level of business activity, particularly service industries. When net all of that out, get associated economic impact, which is pretty substantial, and other associated social benefits; one of which is strange. Your school population, as a general rule, goes down, not up because in drilling locales there is a tendency to drive up the cost of living in that area and folks at the poverty level typically can’t afford to live there and relocate out of that area and take their children. We have seen in lots of places that school population went down, not up. The temporary workers don’t bring their kids to the drill sites. Bradford, PA saw school population go down....Your health department is not as busy with well-child visits."

thanks to Haw Riverkeepers for the information.

here is a link to another blog I wrote a while back on him too.

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