Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This land is your land NC version

After listening to the great activist workshop I posted last the song kept going through my head .This land is your land ,this land is my land ....
So Decided to find the original version ,turns out the Original was wrote in1940 and changed instantly then many times again.
I decided to see if I could find a revise and this one was interesting.

Wow if they can do it why cant I ?
So I decided to write one for NC .

NC is your land . NC is my land

From Blue Ridge Mountains   
to the Bald Head Island  ;
We want clean waters
& no benzene in our air
This land was made for you and me.

As I went walking, I saw a sign there

And on the sign it said, "No Fracking here."
It was there to, send the gasman packing,
That sign was made for you and me.

When we go driving down  NC highways,

We don’t need fracking methane, in our skyway:
We are proud Tarheels ,that like to breath
This land was made for you and me.

Those nasty chemicals, used for fracking

Are so scary and the studies are lacking
We dont feel safe from, their extracting
This land was made for you and me.

NC is your land . NC is my land

From Blue Ridge Mountains
to the Bald Head Island ;
We want clean waters
& no benzene in our air
This land was made for you and me.

The MEC try to sell us forced pooling

Who do they think they’re fooling?
“It’s stealing rights, of our land!”
This land was made for you and me.

I've studied hard, yet can‘t feel sure

That the politician’s motives are truly pure?
To stand up for us,
Instead of the gas company?
This land was made for you and me.

NC is your land , NC is my land

From Blue Ridge Mountains ,

to the Bald Head Island  ;

We want clean waters & air benzene free
This land was made for you and me.

 Now to find someone with a voice and a guitar ?

Peace and a good life to you all.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fractivist burnt out? Check this out

Hello fellow fractivist , I am realizing just as things seem to be warming up in our little town of Sanford against fracking ...I am burning out !
So I have been digging in youtube for fracking songs when I found this Cool workshop.
I am putting them here because I intend to watch it in the AM with coffee ...

In Video Part 1, Yarrow reflects on the power of song, and illustrates by singing "Sweet Survivor". Later, two American spirituals with adapted lyrics and technique are sung together by the participants of the workshop.

In Video Part 2, more song adaptation are sung together.

We can be poets , we can be clowns ....

Filmed August 19, 2012. ** Video Part 2 of 2 ** Peter Yarrow and Bethany Yarrow lead a teach-in on creating--and improvising--new anti-war, and anti-fracking lyrics to familiar songs. Like Tim DeChristopher (Peaceful Uprising), he believes people singing together and partaking in the collective experience has an increased effect on movement solidarity. He offers tips on how to coordinate and lead people in song to this effect.

I hope we all can learn something from these videos that will help us  "Carry On "

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sniplet shots of Spilt Estates in Lee Co NC

These are sniplets I took of the Split Estates map of Lee County NC.
Please look them over , if you know people in thes areas , Please contact them and warn them of the dangers of having a split estate or even living Near a split estate being fracked !
you can click to enlarge a little .

every thing purple is Split estates
 Remember everything to ends at county line may be just as big or bigger in the other county
 Pay close attention at the #s in the box that has Feet beside it that is how close up the shot is !



I used the instructions and 1st map listed at my blog maps-of-lee-co-nc-mineral-rights-split


Sunday, February 17, 2013

NC Tourism $$ endangered by Hydrofracturing

NC Tourism endangered by Hydrofracturing is a true fact.

 All you have to do is look at the many reports of other states being fracked to see what could very well happen here . If we don't stop it before it gets started.
I decided to focus on just some of the things & places  that brings in a big percent of the $$ around some of the areas they want to Frack around ...
 Since I am in Lee County I will focus today on places here and counties surrounding us  I know will be impacted .
this is a picture I got from a story of a farm being fracked

Local Farms bring in the tourism , from attracting people to visit and also the goods they sell at the markets .
Ask the folks at the North Carolina Farm Fresh  !

Farms like

check out this blog of a local farm

Now see this week's story here about a fracked farm

How about the State Parks and local parks near where they want to frack like here in Lee county the
 Historical park on Highway 42 Ole Gilliam Mill Prak

 Jordan Lake , every spot in the map above represents $$
 How much Tax $$ was spent to build that just to Frack up the water air and scenary!

Economic Impact of Jordan Lake State Recreation Area

What about the eagles ,do you think this new mom on Jordan Lake wants fracking around ?

okay this is a just a small amount of how tourism will be damaged by fracking ...
personally I think that is more than enough ...

thanks for dropping by
Now go get involved !

Saturday, February 16, 2013

People of Lee Co NC Compulsory pooling meeting


Fracking opponents dominate discussion at local meeting | The Sanford Herald

As I try to catch up from a very busy week , I read again the heeadlines above ...
Fracking opponents Dominate... ?
How did we dominate our own discussion ?
Oh yes it must have been because people did not let the the Knight brothers take over the meeting.
 Sadly I thought I was going to have a lot of great video but turns out most of it was too big to upload .

Unlike the appearance The Sanford Herald gave of the crowd I think it was very friendly. Just very tired of hearing the side of the profrackers.
   I am proud of the work Ed Harris and all the other local fractivist did to pull this off in less than a month of time.

The planning begain after being told by MEC Ray Covington and Jim Womack that we the public and many landowners were not suppose to speak at the Compulsory Pooling "Workshop" Jan 11th , set up to inform the people of what is going on ?
 We were told " If you want to summit questions at the end of the meeting in writing we May or may Not answer them at the following meeting...which was announced to be on Feb 8th at same time and place  and was changed after announcing it & would be moved to another town with less time allotted !   

Yes maybe a few concerned citizens spoke up and told Rob Knight that "His company was not needed here " or something like that.
He is co-owner of NC Oil and Gas LLC with brother Russ on left and Ray Covington of the MEC . People were there to hear the Other side of what Ray and his crew have been selling to them.

 But he was given plenty of time to speak as everyone was there.
To give all 7 speakers a chance to speak and give everyone a chance to be heard ... there was a time or 2... people were cut short but not spitefully just to get through with the presentation.

Ed Harris told us what part of Senate 820 needs to be changed "to help the NC landowners their rights back. "
Rob did try to debate some of the points Ed made, but unlike Ed he could not show it on paper as Ed did.

As the herald said " Harris, who organized the speakers but didn't include Knight, nevertheless told those heckling Knight to let him speak because everyone is entitled to an opinion. Harris himself urged people to speak with a lawyer if they do plan to sign a lease."
"They're going to be your best buddies," Harris said of the people coming around with leases to sign. "They're going to be as friendly as a couple of hound pups that someone dropped off in your driveway. ... They're going to have a wad of cash that could choke a goat."
But that won't stop them from using sneaky tactics that could end up harming landowners, he said. And, he added, the potential for accidents is huge, and people shouldn't sign away their rights or liability.
"Folks, fracking might be the greatest thing since sliced bread," Harris said. "But when it goes wrong, it goes horribly wrong."

One of the men seated away from the Knight brothers ,jumped up & shouted out before the next speaker had a chance to speak .

"You all need to be going to real meetings like the MEC meetings to get informed , not listening to a bunch of crazy stuff like this "
 or something close to that .... after a gapse from the others ...He was quickly and repeatedly reminded by half those there that "We are informed citizens,we do research , we do go to the meetings and have been repeatly told not to speak up for our rights !
 He later sat with the Knights  :>) I guess they made a friend.


We had Lynn Fass speak and she told us how she sold her horse farm in New Jersey several years ago, showing pictures that would she wanted to get as far away from the drilling she partially blames for her property's depreciation as possible. Now, living in Chatham County, she's facing fracking once again.

I took this pic last year of her picture at the march the the Legislature Building when she spoke there too.

Lynn had a lot of questions from people too concerned about something like this happening to them through forced pooling.
After Lynn we had

 Janeth Benitez from the Lee county group 'Workers for Clean Water" speaking about the negative consequences for middle class and poor working families.reminding us all that only a very few get rich from being fracked and there are not that many local stable jobs brought from it .Communities are broken.
 There is a lot of homeless made by boon town effects too .

 Elaine Chiosso came from Haw Riverkeepers , to talk about the effects of  fracking on the water sources , rivers and surface water.
I did not get a picture of Elaine at the meeting because I tried to get her on video . but I did have one of her from the Feb 8th workshop.

Elaine is on the left !

Then we had Bill Tatum speak and showed us some good pictures of his visit with a friend to Penn. to learn more about fracking.
BTW , the herald quoted him pretty good. 
he toured many counties in Pennsylvania that had fracking in preparation for his campaign and came away with mixed emotions, which he said was true of the communities he visited as well.
He said he saw those who got rich off drilling, but also those who were bankrupted.
Also, Tatum noted, only about a quarter of the jobs in the industry require a college education, and those workers don't often settle in the community that's being fracked.
The people who do, he said, are the less educated ones who don't have good prospects for employment once the wells dry up. But on the other hand, a town not much bigger than Broadway had just built three motels to accommodate new workers, which stimulated the economy at least for a time.
"It's still debatable," he said. "I'm not taking issue with this group or the pro-fracking folks. From my point of view, born and raised here in Lee County, I generally want to see — if we are going to move forward — is it safe? Will it be a boon? ... As we all know, we need that boost in Lee County."
again I have it on video and will try to share later if I can.

Next we had Therese Vick from Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League , told us about Split estates and showed a great power-point with it . you can see some of those and many other pics by clicking this pic below .
We ended with RAFI-USA from Pittsboro . They told us before they came they are Not Antifrack.
RAFI is currently participating in the Mining and Energy Commission’s Compulsory Pooling Study Group to examine “compulsory pooling” and recommend potential regulations to protect landowners from having their property taken for private gain.
They were asked to come to our meeting to give people that were considering having their land fracked advice on what to do to be safer .
So we did have a neutral speaker !
 All and all I think anyone that came , Had to learn something in those 4 hours. Petitions were signed  ...So I would say it was a job well done !

Sorry so long and thanks for reading .

The Power of Laughtivism: Srdja Popovic at TEDxBG

Laughtivism is a new one on me but it makes total sense !
My grandmother always told us "Kill 'em with kindness"

Here is a couple more grins for you !



Saturday, February 9, 2013

Maps of Lee Co NC/ Mineral Rights split estate & gas leases

Wow , if you have not read the Wonderful Reuters fracking Article
 By Hallie Seegal , go now and read it but come back to get info on these maps !!
She really gave Lee county some attention in the article and shows more concern of what is happening to our smallest county in NC than any article I have seen !
She interviewed Jeanne Rhea (Lee co artist ) and her husband Vince , they tell a first hand experience they dealt with almost buying split estates land. She has talked to others and wants to talk with more who may/have split estates?
She not only helped put Lee County on the "map of attention" but gave us a link to another Map that can help everyone learn where the Split Estates are ! 
She gave a link for 'a map' so she sent me the right one and extra tips on how to search . The link however on the report did not work . I wrote her and she wrote back asap giving a link and easy instructions to follow !
I wanted to share this information with you in hope that Everyone will take time to find out if they actually own their minerals rights ?
 What about your neighbor ?
Do they know if they are safe from a "Split Estate" , only owning surface rights and not mineral ? With Compulsory Pooling still allowed in NC that could turn a dream home into a  nightmare fracking pad area !
So here goes ....

When you accept the disclaimer, a map will be prepared.
 On the right hand side, make sure the box that says "Mineral rights / Oil and gas" is CHECKED.
 Once you check it, a bunch of purple will appear on the map.
The purple represents split estates.
Then, on the left hand side, type in either a) the address of property owner in question
or b) the LAST NAME of the property owner in question.
 A number will then appear on the map that corresponds to the property owners parcel of land so you can see if you are affected.
You can scroll around the map by clicking the button that looks like a HAND on the top of the screen.
You can also click the button that looks like a lower case i,
and then click the different purple blocks to see the homeowners for each parcel, as well as the mineral owners.

The map shows all severed & leased estates in Lee.
Severed means the surface and minerals are owned by different parties. They were either severed before the current landowner moved in, or the landowner leased them out recently to an oil and gas company. The best way to determine is to look for:

Dan butler
Deep river ltd
Edwards timber company
And many others.
 If the mineral rights owners above already leased out to an exploration company, (whitmar, Tarheel etc) the names of the exploration companies will appear above or below the mineral rights owner on on the right hand side. This information will appear under the property owner info on the right side.
there may also be other mineral rights owners than the few I listed above, so just look for names that are different from the property owners.

Please leave a comment at Hallie's article if you can, thanking her for showing a caring side to the Lee County people and wanting to help !
HINT : I copied and pasted the instructions on a post-it with windows 7 ,made it easier ,  for both map searches !
2. other map on google

These blue areas are land already leased by gas and oil companies . On the real map scan around there are a lot too small to see in one frame 
At they give lots of great info to educate yourself on fracking & some great info on how to see the land already leased here in Lee County NC !
They missed one step that has kept some from getting the info *Change ‘Name Type’ to Business..
So now these instructions below are floating around to help and I thought I'd add them along .
The best way to search for oil and gas leases is to use the Lee Co Register of Deeds site located at
At the main page:
click Acknowledge disclaimer
click Full System
click Land
click Grantor / Grantee
then *Change ‘Name Type’ to Business (little down arrow )
There are 3 oil and gas leasing companies currently listed in Lee Co: many of these deeds were arranged by "Ray Covington's ,Oil and Gas LLC too. his name is on the deeds !
Whitmar Exploration
Tar Heel Natural Gas
Add one of these to Business/Last Name then click the Search button
You can then pull up the image for each individual lease and / or print it by checking the image buttons .

Okay it took me forever to compile this information .
 All I ask in return is use it !
 If you learn something we all should know ,share it ! 
If I forgot a step let me know so I can change it here too.
Now go check it out and educate others ,we can make a difference if we work together ! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Jones Plantation, by Larken Rose

I sure been feeling it lately myself here in Lee Couty NC , too .
Seems they want Fracking to be their new plantation here .
Our Mr Smith's have heavy pockets ,and leasing land fast for the O&G ...
but the people can be heard So much louder now than in the old days,
We just have to teach them to Stand up & speak out .

Write letters ,make phone calls , write blogs ,do videos , sign petitions even start them.
Just do it ! If we UNITE together we can save our future !
peace terica


Monday, February 4, 2013

decrease school population /womack way

Let's frack the poor right out of here !
Dec 18, 2012 meeting of the MEC "Funding Levels and Potential Funding Sources Study Group".(fracking reduces population of poor people theories) Diana Hales sent this short transcript of the portion of that meeting Sharon referred to. You can go on the DENR MEC website; find the agenda and download audio.

The committee was talking about impact fees and severance fees. The conversation drifted into benefits of fracking to the local area. when these comments were made
Transcription from audio, Jim Womack: "There are accrued benefits we should study, since no one else has. Manifestation of drilling boom, for a while, raises rent prices, a concern, elevates median income and increases level of business activity, particularly service industries. When net all of that out, get associated economic impact, which is pretty substantial, and other associated social benefits; one of which is strange. Your school population, as a general rule, goes down, not up because in drilling locales there is a tendency to drive up the cost of living in that area and folks at the poverty level typically can’t afford to live there and relocate out of that area and take their children. We have seen in lots of places that school population went down, not up. The temporary workers don’t bring their kids to the drill sites. Bradford, PA saw school population go down....Your health department is not as busy with well-child visits."

thanks to Haw Riverkeepers for the information.

here is a link to another blog I wrote a while back on him too.