Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lee Co NC Forced Pooling Workshop / fracking stealing

Hello everyone , okay I went to the Forced Pooling Workshop in Lee County NC and really only learned that Ray Covington , Jim Womack and their crew dont' seem to give a crap about what the People's wants, sentiment , rights or needs unless they can profit from it! Jim acts like we are a waste of his time for sure.


I tried to record the whole show yesterday but it was the first time I have used this camera a for 2 legged animals to video . I had no idea how fast it could fill up a memory card ? I know now ! Minutes after I turned it on to record the card started dropping !eeek 
The DENR folks Said they will provide a video ASAP , but I dont know if they will edit this part out.  

Here are some shots from the folks there ! It was actually a good turn out . If you click view all it will take you to bigger pics and more video .

I only have a few visitor here so
Please forward this to friends and if you could go to the youtube site and make a comment there about How you feel about forced pooling for the world to see .

Thanks for stopping by . Peace

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