Friday, January 18, 2013

Jim Womack ,Who the frack is he ?

When I read this below I had to laugh ... This coming from Jim Womack ?
yep he wrote this himself .

I have always advocated that politicians must avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest in executing their duties. This concept was instilled in me at West Point and has stayed with me continuously the past 30 years. As commissioner of Lee County, I would not knowingly work for or accept any form of compensation from an entity that competed with the county or that did contract work for the county. Either of these situations could introduce the problem of an apparent conflict of interest. That appearance, in turn, would diminish public confidence in local government, which serves no useful purpose.
Did you see the name of his blog
 "Transforming Lee County NC" .
He is definitely trying to transform us but it is not for the good of the people !
This is not the only blog he claims , look on his about me on his "Jim Womack" facebook profile he says this is his website too... he uses an alias there as a founding father !

I am not the only one that thinks Jim could be trouble for NC residents and Landowners 
you can easily type "jim womack nc frack" in a search and find lots of articles like this one.

I have to admit the more I read the most pissed off I get!
It is hard for me to believe that people does not give a crap what happens to NC enough to pay attention to these kind of people running our government and making decisions that could Ruin the state as we know and love for our childrens future !
Well I will leave it up to you on what you think about Jim Womack ,but I don't trust him no farther than I can throw him . Actually not that far !
here is the last post I did on him ...

the way Jim Womack looks at NC
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