Thursday, January 3, 2013

If Hawks could talk

Hello everyone Happy 2013
I have had a true passion for hawks since I was a child .
The fascination has only gotten stronger as I have grown older.
Just years ago my Honey bought me a wonderful camera and I have had the joy of taking many pics through the years of several hawks . 
Recently I was blessed getting several shots of this hawk .

What do you think it is ?
I am still trying to figure out which one it is since it never made a sound.
 Yes they talk ,sing ,scream one even sounds kinda like a large woodpecker ...!
For years I thought the fellow that has been visiting my yard was an crazy Red tail hawk .

But once I heard the voice of the red tail I knew He was a different bird . hear the redtail voice

He is actually a Red Shouldered ,listen to his crazy call here

these next 4 are of my noisy and nosey buddy the red shoulder hawk. He has been visiting 4 years now .


I think this is a red shoulder but this shot was taken 100's of feet away
I think this is a Sharp-shinned Hawk ,but maybe Cooper's
better pic on next 2 shots . keeping this for detail of id.


2 still shots then in the air ,they are so graceful looking flying.


not sure which this is?

or this one ??

Well one day I will  get these in an album with the right name .
Here is another blog I wrote about Hawks and other critters visiting too

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