Friday, January 18, 2013

Jim Womack ,Who the frack is he ?

When I read this below I had to laugh ... This coming from Jim Womack ?
yep he wrote this himself .

I have always advocated that politicians must avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest in executing their duties. This concept was instilled in me at West Point and has stayed with me continuously the past 30 years. As commissioner of Lee County, I would not knowingly work for or accept any form of compensation from an entity that competed with the county or that did contract work for the county. Either of these situations could introduce the problem of an apparent conflict of interest. That appearance, in turn, would diminish public confidence in local government, which serves no useful purpose.
Did you see the name of his blog
 "Transforming Lee County NC" .
He is definitely trying to transform us but it is not for the good of the people !
This is not the only blog he claims , look on his about me on his "Jim Womack" facebook profile he says this is his website too... he uses an alias there as a founding father !

I am not the only one that thinks Jim could be trouble for NC residents and Landowners 
you can easily type "jim womack nc frack" in a search and find lots of articles like this one.

I have to admit the more I read the most pissed off I get!
It is hard for me to believe that people does not give a crap what happens to NC enough to pay attention to these kind of people running our government and making decisions that could Ruin the state as we know and love for our childrens future !
Well I will leave it up to you on what you think about Jim Womack ,but I don't trust him no farther than I can throw him . Actually not that far !
here is the last post I did on him ...

the way Jim Womack looks at NC
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Newspaper Editors Addresses

Here is the list , if you find that some dont work PLEASE let us know?
 Write your editor tell them what you think of "Forced Pooling" Fracking .

Share your thoughts and concerns. Also keep records of these letters . Send a copy to their Facebook page . 
Then share this with some one else . 
Know an email address we don't have here , leave it in a comment here or join us at 

The News & Observer
The Chapel Hill News
Chapel Hill
The Herald-Sun
The Charlotte Observer
The Charlotte Post
The Charlotte Weekly/ Union County Weekly
Link to fill out email form
Winston-Salem Journal
Fayetteville Observer
The News-Reporter
Whiteville, Columbus County
The Anson Record
Wadesboro, Anson County
Asheville Citizen-Times
Gaston Gazette
Yadkin Ripple and Elkin Tribune- Yadkin County
Greensboro, Guilford County
Davie Enterprise
Mocksville, Davie County
YES! Weekly
Greensboro/ Winston-Salem
Independent Weekly
Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill
Wilson Daily Times
Up and Coming Weekly
Union County
Sun Journal
New Bern
The Record
North Wilkesboro
The Daily Advance
Elizabeth City
Fayetteville Observer
Goldsboro News-Argus
Hickory Daily Record
Hickory, Catawba County
Rocky Mount Telegram
Salisbury Post
Rowan County
Kannapolis Citizen
Cabarrus County
Burlington, Alamance County
Statesville Record and Landmark
Iredell County
High Point Enterprise
The Dispatch
Lexington, Davidson County
Lenoir, Caldwell County
Washington Daily News
Beaufort County
The Thomasville Times
The Chapel Hill News
Roanoke-Chowan News Herald
Montgomery Herald
Troy, Montgomery County
The Stanly News and Press
The Concord Standard and
Mount Pleasant Times
Cabarrus/Stanly Counties
Fax to 704-723-6924
Lincoln Times-News
Brunswick Beacon
Link to fill out email form
State Port Pilot
Southport, Brunswick County
The Daily Dispatch
Henderson, Vance County
Rocky Mount Telegram
Nash County
Sanford Herald
Lee County
Chatham News
Siler City
Mountain Xpress
The Mountain Times
Boone, Watauga County
The Blowing Rocket
Blowing Rock, Watauga County
Watauga Democrat

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lee County NC Touri$m Li$ting $pecial Place$/bridges

 I was inspired by a page on facebook  NC Culture to do this blog.
Their page has many daily post of attractions and events going on all around North Carolina .
 I had followed the page for a long time before this Fracking mess came along and I opened our page "Lee County NC say No to fracking" in March last year and they started posting stuff from our page too.
Another great Link to learn a lot about what is happening now in Sanford and around is they have a page on facebook too.
For nearly a year (seems Much longer) I have spent Everyday fighting fracking from happening in NC.
To say the least it has been educational.
One thing I learned is $$ signs catch more attention to a lot of folks more than anything.
So I decided to list some of the Money makers through tourism in LEE County the center of North Carolina
( some call it the heart ) 
and around the surrounding areas of  Frack Zone.
Places we will have messed up or destroyed with fracking around here = No Touri$m = no $$$

Let's start with Bridges since they have been an important part of Touri$m a long time. All of these place$ have event$ going on for everyone .

THE Camel Back Bridge /Deep River Park ,built 1910 . Click the pic to get a big view
 For more great shots check out
here is a blog with some good info and pics of Camel Back Bridge.

Deep River RR Bridge built in 1912
you get get more info and pics on the RR bridge here

A man plus a penny postcard plus an old memory equals what has grown into one of the states' 
premier historic parks. It is difficult to believe that this slice of  the past was almost entirely built on
weekends (didn't miss church either) by Worth Pickard and a handful of friends and family.

The Original Mill built 1850 washed away in 1928 ,rebuilt in 1979
this Mill still runs too. Even mentioned in North Carolina Historical Museums Guide

Each May this Mill and Park is opened and ran for the public with a wonderful festival for the whole family to share.
 Vendors , music and more . they rent the park through the year for weddings and other events too.
It is in the Heart of the Fracking zone !

 There are several other bridges around like these that the waters bring People to ,for boating ,fishing ,hiking , photography !
All this brings Touri$m Money to our area . Who is going to want to come to the country to see these places all Fracked up?
If we do not Stop "forced Pooling "/stealing land owners rights in NC, before they start drilling they will frack in all these places and no one can stop them.
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