Saturday, December 22, 2012

NC Vulnerable To Fracking Impacts

NC Vulnerable To Fracking Impacts ...
that headline caught my attention today reading about new elected Governor Pat and how he is busy getting all his folks lined up to frack the hell out of NC.

Flashback from the campaign ....
McCrory, a Republican, told WRAL News anchor David Crabtree on Saturday's broadcast of "On the Record" that he is an enthusiastic supporter of offshore and inland gas exploration. In fact, it's at the center of his plan to create jobs.
"There's no reason why NC should be sitting on the sidelines while other states of Democratic and Republican governors are involved in this process – and those states are the ones with the lowest unemployment rate. And they're also participating in our countries energy independence," McCrory said.

Why Would North Carolina Be Especially Vulnerable To Fracking Impacts?

A very Long list of companies that want fracking to keep happening .

Potential Gas Wells in Lee County (map)

click the pic for bigger shot or link above

Even Russia thinks the USA is Crazy
More resources and loads of new jobs for US citizens, what could go wrong in such a perfect scenario as fracking? Well, the answer is - everything! But to be more specific, the environment is in more danger than people think; the Marcellus shale in Pennsylvania’s hydraulic fracturing boom is being linked to numerous environmental disturbances, roads are also being torn apart through over usage by construction vehicles, not to mention the water, which is literally on fire.

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