Sunday, December 23, 2012

NC Parents let's say No Fracking Way

I spend too much time trying to find a good article to post on the  facebook page in hope that it may make folks start to think they should "stop fracking" .
I read a post on Facebook this morning that caught my attention by Wendy Lynne Lee .
Even more so the comments and sites posted there .
it was called  " Fracking the promised land: Rt. 118, Lycoming County, PA"
this is how it starts ....

The following are photographs from Pennsylvania's rural promised land. Or: what used to promise an opportunity at life for Pennsylvania's families and their children. Why do we say we care about the lives of children when we build this environmentally polluting monstrocity with all of its necessary and eqaully dangerous infrastructure less than a quarter of a mile from an elementary school, a church, at least half a dozen farms, a diner, and a town with only one main road? Truth is, we don't give a tinker's damn about our children or their futures. The unspeakable tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary--those 20 unique and irreplaceable kid's lives--are lost forever. And here we are, fracking less than a quarter of a mile from an elementary school. Here's what we do care about: Opportunities to look like we care about our kids without having to actually DO anything that would help safeguard their futures. The tragedy at Sandy Hook gives us exactly what we perversely want--the opportunity to seem caring, compassionate, loving, responsible. But I say BULL SHIT TO THAT.
Did we actually care, we'd being doing a whole lot more than taking some pictures of a frack operation while it was going down. We'd be criminalizing fracking right along with outlawing assault weapons.
   What is a frack job but an assault on the future lives of our kids? Except for that what we're condemning our children to is even worse than bullets. We are condemning our children to cancer, neurological disorders, endocrine system disease--to suffering and to death.

also Please check out this blog , it has great articles by several strong fractivists .


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