Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fracking Play Maps

Hello everyone , I was searching for an updated map of the Fracking Wells going on in the USA  .
It just kinda disgusted me to know they call them "Plays"

Wow looking through I found these other maps of other ways our country is being covered by ugliness .
This is the nearest I could find .
click the pictures and they get bigger.
here's another

from OIL AND GAS: N.C. works to build fracking regs from scratch

Or this one just covering one area read the story here
or this by treehugger

They are Fracking the world up
Here is a map of the places where fracking is allowed and does take place:

Well I have had enough of this gross stuff i am off to "Play with my crafts ."
Peace and Happy New Year .
If you know of a good map to share Please leave a link her or at

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