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NC Lee County farms Agritourism vs fracking?

Hi all I decided to focus on Smart ways to stop fracking from coming to NC .
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 So I figured I'd look for Postitive things that are happening here that Fracking would cause problems for like Lee County Farms and Agrotourism !
This is what I was able to find in my morning search !
Seems was the theme around NC this month!

In “Bona Fide Farm Purpose, Agrotourism, Agritourism or Locally Grown”
The big question now swirling around city halls and county government buildings across
 North Carolina is “What non-agricultural activity now qualifies as ‘Agritourism’ and
 is therefore exempt from zoning regulation?”
The answer is certainly not clear and is being debated in many circles.
 Looking carefully at N.C.G.S. Section 99E-30(1), it states that anything that is “carried
out on a farm or ranch” and “allows members of the general public…to review or enjoy rural
activities” constitutes agritourism.  It is interesting to note that this Statute generally
 describes the types of activities that define agritourism as including “farming, ranching,
historic, cultural, harvest-your-own activities or natural activities and attractions.”
If one were to read this definition as strictly construing the activities, then the list
limits the qualification of activities to those that fit within the categories above listed.
 However, what is really meant or would qualify under the above activities has no boundaries
 at this time. Cultural activities could include anything from pig pickings to paint ball
and “natural activities” is a similarly vague category. “Agritourism in North Carolina”
 Land Use Law Quarterly, Zoning Planning & Land Use Section (Vol. 7, No.3, April 2012).
In the Sanford Herald I found these articles
As local officials and others walked around two Lee County farms Tuesday, a word continued to
 come up in conversation — agro-tourism.

Agro-business, agro-therapy and agro-counseling were also used in the dialogue between local
agro-specialists and politicians, but it was tourism that got the most mentions.
That’s because it has strong potential to bring new faces — and new money — into Lee County,
said those guiding an elected officials tour on Tuesday morning as part of Farm-City Week

Read more: Sanford Herald - Local leaders get lesson on economic impact of farms
Three farming familes saluted during Farm-City Week Banquet
Read more: Sanford Herald -


Re imagining Research Triangle Park
"The food there ought to be locally grown," Geolas said.
"The restaurants ought to be locally owned.
The retail ought to represent the best of what North Carolina has to offer."

He said the search for the state's best offerings is the defining theme of this tour —
and the reason behind a website the group founded for people to post their own stories
 and ideas for the park, at
 — saying RTP companies hold innovation in high regard.
Read more: Sanford Herald -
here is a few of the local farms here in Lee county or nearby
for local meat
for local vegis and more
for flowers try

So what do you know about AGRITOURISM ?

still want more check out

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