Friday, November 16, 2012

draft for an NC antifrack pledge

this is my draft for an NC antifrack pledge. What do you think? Do I need to add more ? take soemthing out? please give tips here or on facebook at 
NC Anti-Frack Pledge

Together, we will take a pledge of resistance to hydrofracking in the state of North Carolina .

The Pledge to Resist Fracking in North Carolina

I believe:

that high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracking is an accident-prone,
inherently dangerous industrial process with risks that include catastrophic
and irremediable environmental damage; that these risks cannot be properly resolved,
nor can they be mitigated
through regulation by a government agency, like the Fracking / Mining & Energy Commission who's Director Jim Womack  has already proclaimed "He wants fracking here".
 Also Ray Covington's has his personal attachments to atleast 1000 of leased acres of land in Lee County.
These people have not shown concern for the public welfare and opinion. Yet they want to deregulate as much as possible for the gas industry , instead of creating rules that attempt to regulate fracking mishaps ;

    that NC Legislation and Governor and this agency, the Department of Environmental Conservation, have repeatedly turned a deaf ear to the petitions of North Carolina’s scientists,
economists, medical professionals, and ordinary citizens who have tried again and again,
for years and to little avail, to alert the agency and Governor Perdue to the many dangers
that hydraulic fracking poses to our health, safety, property values, peace of mind and to the climate itself;
that it is wrong to shatter the bedrock of North Carolina State and inject it with toxic chemicals.
that it is irresponsible to deface and endanger our environment and land that we make our money in Farming , Ag and Tourism . This is the main money makers in NC.


If our Governor permits high-volume, horizontal hydraulic fracking in any part of North Carolina State,
I pledge to join with others to engage in non-violent acts of protest, including demonstrations and
other non-violent actions, as my conscience leads me.

I make this pledge in order to prevent the destruction and poisoning of North Carolina’s water, air,
and food systems, on which life, health, and economic prosperity all depend–including that of future generations.

Join the pledge
Submit below to join the pledge to resist hydrofracking in North Carolina state.

NAME EMAIL  address /town & state phone Signed on this day, ___________,

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