Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who R the NC Mining and Energy Commission

Okay something needs to be said so I am putting it out here.
I just posted a blog on Jim Womack the now HEAD of The Commission before this post.

All blogs on the commission members will have the Label you can search here for - NC Mining and Energy Commission.
I am going to try to get as much information as I can on ALL these folks to see what is up with them?
Who are they in this for ?A few people that fill their pockets or the people who have to live with their decisions and the consequences ??
Mining and Energy Commission

Following are the voting members appointed to the new Mining and Energy Commission and the title or experience for which they were appointed.

• Raymond T. Covington, member of a nongovernmental conservation interest
• Charles Taylor, elected official of a municipal government in Triassic Basin
• William McNeely III, representative from the mining industry
• Charles E. Holbrook, geologist with experience in oil and gas exploration and development
• George Howard, member of a nongovernmental conservation interest
• James Womack, member of a county board of commissioners in Triassic Basin
• Ivan “Tex” Gilmore, representative from the mining industry
• Vikram Rao, engineer with experience in oil and gas exploration and development
• Jane Lewis-Raymond, representative of a publicly traded natural gas company
• Charlotte Mitchell, attorney with experience in legal matters associated with oil and gas exploration and development
• Amy Pickle, member of the Environmental Management Commission
• Dr. Marva Price, member of the Commission for Public Health


THe Commission, in conjunction with other commissions and state agencies, has been directed to establish a modern oil and gas regulatory program that is “designed to protect public health and safety; protect public and private property; protect and conserve the State’s air, water, and other natural resources; promote economic development and expand employment opportunities; and provide for the productive and efficient development of the State’s oil and gas resources.”

go by https://www.facebook.com/ncdenr tell them what you think of NC getting fracked.
Now off for more information on the other 14 members .
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