Friday, October 5, 2012

Rep. Mike Stone get to know him

 Rep. Mike Stone of Sanford co-sponsored the Oil and Gas Study under S.L. 2011-276. Rep. Stone, along with over 30 other North Carolina legislators, is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) (source, N&O, ALEC likes Tillis).  While this membership is certainly above board, ALEC is known to be heavily funded by corporate interests including the the American Gas Association, which lobbies in favor of hydraulic fracturing (source, ALEC Exposed). This raises disturbing concerns about the motivation behind limiting the funding and timeline for the Oil and Gas Study.
Mike proudly posted on his Facebook page ..."The National Federation of Independent Business, North Carolina's leading small business association, has endorsed Mike Stone for NC House, District 51."
I posted back to him with this ...
"I think that this new site helps expose the fact that the National Federation of Independent Business is not so independent, and it certainly is not acting as the voice of small business," said Lisa Graves, the center's director .

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Here is a good example of his character
GOP state rep. gets budget protest from daughter
NC Dems Want Rep. Stone Investigated For Possible Ethics Violations

Republican lawmaker breaks the law
more ...
Stone said he favors letting small business owners like himself run video gambling and supports an outright ban on them before he'd want the state involved.
"I'm a free market guy. ... I'm not for letting the government go in and do the same thing they did with the lottery," he said. "We need to educate ourselves."
Jane Pinsky, who heads the N.C. Coalition for Lobbying & Government Reform, said the public should be concerned about Stone's business interests possibly mixing with his political role.

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I could easily fill a book with this stuff but this should give you an idea.
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