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LNG Exports / National Security ?

Loving nature I have learned that  politicians and snakes have something in common. Both can Look handsome but you better find out how dangerous they are for you to exist with them around !

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Trying to sell me that National Security is a reason to FRACK UP THE USA...
is like trying to sell me makeup . I ain't interesting !
 I don't want Cover Ups ! I try to let nature take it's course when I can .

Which it seems the media use a lot of both these days to pave the way for Gas & Oil to tell us NAT GAS is clean ,safe
Often to find out what is going on in the greedy world of Gas and Oil I read their newsletters.
Some you have to sign in for...
Here is the info I give ...
Ms Stop Fracking
 123 Frackfree lane,

I had 3 free trial accounts ,now I just get their headlines . It is still fun reading the start of the newsletters... Dear Ms Stop Fracking .
 I can google the keyword and often find an article about the same subject !
Anyway this is their topics of the day ...from Gas Business Briefing Reports

Shale gas could make US world leader in ethylene: PwC
The abundance of shale gas could elevate the US to world's lowest-cost ethylene producer,
 and set off a chain reaction of expansion in downstream,
chemicals-related businesses, a new PricewaterhouseCoopers report projects.
At a price of $3/MMBtu for natural gas, the all-in cost for ethylene would be $323/ton
 -- 31% lower than Saudi Arabia's $466/ton price, and a whopping 81.6% lower than Asia's

another headline
US Silica opens Ohio transload facility for Utica, Marcellus
found this

or try googling this headline and you get lots of info
LNG exports could fuel Japan at $10-$12/MMBtu: Tokyo Gas
find stuff like this from
   titled ...How to Play the Potential of LNG Exports
Given Asia’s thirst for energy, the United States is in a prime position to fill that need.
 According to a new Department of Energy report, U.S. gas production grew by a record
 4.5 billion cubic feet a day during 2011. However, domestic demand growth was just
920 million cubic feet. That leaves plenty of room for exports. British Gas Group
(PINK:BRGYY), the U.K.’s third-largest natural gas E&P firm, estimates the U.S. will be
able to supply about 9% of global LNG capacity —
or 45 million metric tons — by the end of the decade.
However, there are some possible speed bumps along the way for United States relative to LNG.
 First is expense. Gasification plants and export terminals take billions of dollars to construct.
Given the tight lending environment, some projects might sit fallow until lending returns.

Then there is the real problem of future legislation.
 Democratic Congressman Edward Markey recently introduced two bills to prevent shipments
 of LNG and would prevent the approval of any new export terminals until 2025.

 The bills likely won’t survive the Republican-controlled House, but the fact they were
 even considered at all is something natural gas investors should take seriously.
 Several firms like Sempra Energy (NYSE:SRE) have applied to reconfigure their LNG
import facilities to exporting ones. The impact of these bills could seriously undermine
 these efforts.

The political, legal and regulatory hurdles continue to mount in Europe.
Like in the U.S., public outrage over fracking has spurred several nations to ban the
advanced drilling technique. The U.K., Sweden and Bulgaria have all now placed temporary or
 permanent bans on fracking, pending further environmental studies.

France, which has the continent’s second-largest reserves, banned fracking in 2011.
That derailed a planned exploration program by Hess (NYSE:HES)
in the nation’s rich Paris Basin.
 Similarly, Bulgaria threw a wrench into Chevron’s plans when it canceled the company’s
 exploration permit based its use of fracking.

one more ,my brain is starting to hurt
U.S. energy companies are eager to export natural gas products.
The issue is sensitive enough that the Obama administration has
delayed a decision on export permits until after the election.
In April, the Sierra Club sued to block one plan for exports,
 saying it would drive up the cost of domestic natural gas and lead to environmental damage.

Come back next time for more on this topic , some possibly postitive things !

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