Friday, October 5, 2012

Let's put Hydrofracking near YOU!

I just tried to listen to this video . I could only stand seconds , It was horrible !!
Tall metal methane flaring stacks periodically fill the night with fiery glares and jet engine roars. Roadbeds of crushed rock, guarded by No Trespassing signs, lie like fresh sutures across hayfields, deer trails, and backyards, admitting fleets of tanker trucks to the wellheads of America’s latest energy revolution.  

The lure of million-dollar payouts has led many farmers, homeowners, school boards, and town commissions to lease out their subterranean energy wealth. Royalty payments on leases so far have topped half a billion dollars statewide–money that, for some, is literally saving the farm.
 for what ???
But unlocking half-billion-year-old hydrocarbon deposits carries a price, and not everyone shares in the bonanza. For every new shale well, 4 million to 8 million gallons of water, laced with potentially poisonous chemicals, are pumped into the ground under explosive pressure–a violent geological assault. And once unleashed, the gas requires a vast industrial architecture to be processed and moved from the wells to the world. Imagine the pipes, compressors, ponds, pits, refineries, and meters each shale well in Pennsylvania demands, planted next to horse farms, cornfields, houses, and schools. Then multiply by 5,000.
This is what NC is looking forward to to supply a week (yes 1 week ) of National Independence?  is it worth it to You?


Let's stop it before it starts !So we do not have homes looking like this .
or this
or this
fracking operation a few hundred feet from the Erie Elementary School ...
Ask yourself "Do you want this near your kids and grandchildren?"

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Peace and safety to you all.

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