Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jim Womack is a Pro Fracker and proud of it!

I am going to show a pretty few pictures here for you before you read what is below it . That is Not a pretty picture at all!

yes you read it right and I will say it again.
Jim Womack is a Pro Fracker and proud of it!
Yet he does not think that is any reason for concern from the NC residents .
Just ask him , he really Loves bragging on himself.
Lee County commissioner Jim Womack  was appointed to the Mining and Energy
 Commission by Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger.

Womack couldn’t say why he’s currently the only candidate for chairman
 of the MEC, but he believes he’s uniquely qualified to lead the fracking
 oversight board due to his background in the military, the private sector,
 and local government.

Jim Womack Is the Oppointed  new chair of the Mining and Energy
Commission charged with assessing the risks associated with fracking?

says earlier this week "Slow down is not in my lexicon," he told WRAL News.
  "You’re more likely to have a meteorite fall from
the sky and hit you on the head than you are to contaminate
groundwater with fracking fluid percolating up from under the ground."
Even fracking proponents acknowledge that the new form of gas drilling
 has problems. 

Fracking has been linked to more than 1,000 cases of water contamination
across the country, involving polluted tap water and toxic spills.
found at ...http://www.environmentnorthcarolina.org/programs/nce/dont-frack-nc

After all, the bill that created the Mining and Energy
 Commission tells the panel to craft rules to "protect
the state's air, water, and natural resources."

Out-of-state companies have already bought upwards of 9,000 acres to drill
 in Chatham, Moore and Lee counties, and the General Assembly has created a
 Polluter- friendly commission to pave the way for the controversial drilling
 practice—as early as
2014—over the objections of thousands of North Carolinians,
 local elected officials and even Gov. Bev Perdue.

Here are some links to petions against fracking Please go sign them.
Tell the fracking chair: consider the facts (petition)

Protect our waters from fracking (petition)

           Speaking out is our only chance.

need more info about fracking effects go to
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