Friday, October 12, 2012

fighting NAT GAS export

"If it were not for People fighting these fracking NAT GAS companies,They would be
EXPORTing it to Other countries ASAP !!!
Not using for National Security as they say!

 "Is producing, gathering, processing and delivering natural gas from shale formations
completely risk free? Of course not. But these minimal risks must be weighed
against the huge economic and national security benefits that can be realized
by fully developing our domestic natural gas resources."

I read this same kind of quote on the profack side all the time !
This is all a bunch of twisted words to me. Because the fact is...
The minimal risks ? Who comes up with the Standard for these ? Who calls the shots on that ?

good news
Congressmen Ed Markey and Peter DeFazio and Senator Ron Wyden are looking to block U.S. LNG exports.
And any projects that receive approval will have to deal with any public and environmental
opposition or petitions. Read more here
Exporting Natural Gas is Costly
President Obama, members of Congress, and various interest groups are tackling that question right now as the country is awash with vast new resources of shale natural gas. A debate is raging about the various ways natural gas could or should be used, including exporting it, using it in vehicles and as a feedstock for manufacturers, and encouraging utilities to shift even more to natural gas from coal in the electricity sector.
Meanwhile, some environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, are urging that the U.S. not become any more dependent on natural gas and instead shift directly from coal to renewable-energy sources like wind and solar.
In what ways can natural gas help the economy? Can it be exploited in multiple ways while still remaining affordable in its various uses? How do environmental concerns, and stronger regulations, affect this debate?
check out the whole blog  with 20 comments pros and cons here from members of Congress, and various interest groups  ...
look for Renewables Must Learn From Natural Gas
By Matthew Stepp
Senior Policy Analyst at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
By Clifton Yin and Matthew Stepp

 then check out ATROCIOUS: House Dems Trying To Block Construction Of LNG Exports

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