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fighting NAT GAS export

"If it were not for People fighting these fracking NAT GAS companies,They would be
EXPORTing it to Other countries ASAP !!!
Not using for National Security as they say!

 "Is producing, gathering, processing and delivering natural gas from shale formations
completely risk free? Of course not. But these minimal risks must be weighed
against the huge economic and national security benefits that can be realized
by fully developing our domestic natural gas resources."

I read this same kind of quote on the profack side all the time !
This is all a bunch of twisted words to me. Because the fact is...
The minimal risks ? Who comes up with the Standard for these ? Who calls the shots on that ?

good news
Congressmen Ed Markey and Peter DeFazio and Senator Ron Wyden are looking to block U.S. LNG exports.
And any projects that receive approval will have to deal with any public and environmental
opposition or petitions. Read more here
Exporting Natural Gas is Costly
President Obama, members of Congress, and various interest groups are tackling that question right now as the country is awash with vast new resources of shale natural gas. A debate is raging about the various ways natural gas could or should be used, including exporting it, using it in vehicles and as a feedstock for manufacturers, and encouraging utilities to shift even more to natural gas from coal in the electricity sector.
Meanwhile, some environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, are urging that the U.S. not become any more dependent on natural gas and instead shift directly from coal to renewable-energy sources like wind and solar.
In what ways can natural gas help the economy? Can it be exploited in multiple ways while still remaining affordable in its various uses? How do environmental concerns, and stronger regulations, affect this debate?
check out the whole blog  with 20 comments pros and cons here from members of Congress, and various interest groups  ...
look for Renewables Must Learn From Natural Gas
By Matthew Stepp
Senior Policy Analyst at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
By Clifton Yin and Matthew Stepp

 then check out ATROCIOUS: House Dems Trying To Block Construction Of LNG Exports

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

LNG Exports / National Security ?

Loving nature I have learned that  politicians and snakes have something in common. Both can Look handsome but you better find out how dangerous they are for you to exist with them around !

click pics for larger image

Trying to sell me that National Security is a reason to FRACK UP THE USA...
is like trying to sell me makeup . I ain't interesting !
 I don't want Cover Ups ! I try to let nature take it's course when I can .

Which it seems the media use a lot of both these days to pave the way for Gas & Oil to tell us NAT GAS is clean ,safe
Often to find out what is going on in the greedy world of Gas and Oil I read their newsletters.
Some you have to sign in for...
Here is the info I give ...
Ms Stop Fracking
 123 Frackfree lane,

I had 3 free trial accounts ,now I just get their headlines . It is still fun reading the start of the newsletters... Dear Ms Stop Fracking .
 I can google the keyword and often find an article about the same subject !
Anyway this is their topics of the day ...from Gas Business Briefing Reports

Shale gas could make US world leader in ethylene: PwC
The abundance of shale gas could elevate the US to world's lowest-cost ethylene producer,
 and set off a chain reaction of expansion in downstream,
chemicals-related businesses, a new PricewaterhouseCoopers report projects.
At a price of $3/MMBtu for natural gas, the all-in cost for ethylene would be $323/ton
 -- 31% lower than Saudi Arabia's $466/ton price, and a whopping 81.6% lower than Asia's

another headline
US Silica opens Ohio transload facility for Utica, Marcellus
found this

or try googling this headline and you get lots of info
LNG exports could fuel Japan at $10-$12/MMBtu: Tokyo Gas
find stuff like this from
   titled ...How to Play the Potential of LNG Exports
Given Asia’s thirst for energy, the United States is in a prime position to fill that need.
 According to a new Department of Energy report, U.S. gas production grew by a record
 4.5 billion cubic feet a day during 2011. However, domestic demand growth was just
920 million cubic feet. That leaves plenty of room for exports. British Gas Group
(PINK:BRGYY), the U.K.’s third-largest natural gas E&P firm, estimates the U.S. will be
able to supply about 9% of global LNG capacity —
or 45 million metric tons — by the end of the decade.
However, there are some possible speed bumps along the way for United States relative to LNG.
 First is expense. Gasification plants and export terminals take billions of dollars to construct.
Given the tight lending environment, some projects might sit fallow until lending returns.

Then there is the real problem of future legislation.
 Democratic Congressman Edward Markey recently introduced two bills to prevent shipments
 of LNG and would prevent the approval of any new export terminals until 2025.

 The bills likely won’t survive the Republican-controlled House, but the fact they were
 even considered at all is something natural gas investors should take seriously.
 Several firms like Sempra Energy (NYSE:SRE) have applied to reconfigure their LNG
import facilities to exporting ones. The impact of these bills could seriously undermine
 these efforts.

The political, legal and regulatory hurdles continue to mount in Europe.
Like in the U.S., public outrage over fracking has spurred several nations to ban the
advanced drilling technique. The U.K., Sweden and Bulgaria have all now placed temporary or
 permanent bans on fracking, pending further environmental studies.

France, which has the continent’s second-largest reserves, banned fracking in 2011.
That derailed a planned exploration program by Hess (NYSE:HES)
in the nation’s rich Paris Basin.
 Similarly, Bulgaria threw a wrench into Chevron’s plans when it canceled the company’s
 exploration permit based its use of fracking.

one more ,my brain is starting to hurt
U.S. energy companies are eager to export natural gas products.
The issue is sensitive enough that the Obama administration has
delayed a decision on export permits until after the election.
In April, the Sierra Club sued to block one plan for exports,
 saying it would drive up the cost of domestic natural gas and lead to environmental damage.

Come back next time for more on this topic , some possibly postitive things !

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The fracking commission looks stacked and unfair

This hawk comes to visit yard when I start whistling and often waits for me to go get my camera & walk up before flying away. I feel blessed by these visits.

Hi all I wanted to post this link here to this story on the NC Fracking Commission.
Seems I am not the only one that thinks this deck of cards were stacked by Gas & Oil .

Editorial: The fracking commission looks stacked and unfair

also read more on them here.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

List of additives for hydraulic fracturing

They will not let us know all of what they use !
the link above talks of more stuff they use.
also check out the list of over 950 they know of ....

Between 2005 and 2010 the shale-gas industry in the United States grew by 45% a year. As a proportion of the country's overall gas production, shale gas increased from 4% in 2005 to 24% in 2012.[
How can they regulate all that ?
A well blowout in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania on June 3, 2010, sent more than 35,000 gallons of hydraulic fracturing fluids into the air and onto the surrounding landscape in a forested area. Campers were evacuated and the company EOG Resources and the well completion company C.C. Forbes have been ordered to cease all operations in the state of Pennsylvania pending investigation. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has called this a "serious incident".[88][89]
for more

Well if you figure out what all this crap does let us know at LeeCoNcSayNoToFracking 
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Gasland video in Spanish

I met 2 wonderful young ladies that are ready to go door to door , do educational powerpoints , visit churches and the community .
I am so proud of them and inspired by them, for being willing to take a stand against fracking.
 All they ask is for good facts and they are willing to learn to educate others .
These daring ladies are wanting to reach to the hispanic residents of Lee County and explain fracking to them .
There are making flyers themselves.
Do You know of any other flyers around in Espanol ? If so let me know so I can pass on the information. Or come by our page on facebook and tell us there . Our button is on the right side of this blog!
I decided to see if I could find anything to show them and found the Gasland movie by Josh Fox .
 How cool is that ?   

So glad to find and share this

Hope You do the same

Rep. Mike Stone get to know him

 Rep. Mike Stone of Sanford co-sponsored the Oil and Gas Study under S.L. 2011-276. Rep. Stone, along with over 30 other North Carolina legislators, is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) (source, N&O, ALEC likes Tillis).  While this membership is certainly above board, ALEC is known to be heavily funded by corporate interests including the the American Gas Association, which lobbies in favor of hydraulic fracturing (source, ALEC Exposed). This raises disturbing concerns about the motivation behind limiting the funding and timeline for the Oil and Gas Study.
Mike proudly posted on his Facebook page ..."The National Federation of Independent Business, North Carolina's leading small business association, has endorsed Mike Stone for NC House, District 51."
I posted back to him with this ...
"I think that this new site helps expose the fact that the National Federation of Independent Business is not so independent, and it certainly is not acting as the voice of small business," said Lisa Graves, the center's director .

get info from

Here is a good example of his character
GOP state rep. gets budget protest from daughter
NC Dems Want Rep. Stone Investigated For Possible Ethics Violations

Republican lawmaker breaks the law
more ...
Stone said he favors letting small business owners like himself run video gambling and supports an outright ban on them before he'd want the state involved.
"I'm a free market guy. ... I'm not for letting the government go in and do the same thing they did with the lottery," he said. "We need to educate ourselves."
Jane Pinsky, who heads the N.C. Coalition for Lobbying & Government Reform, said the public should be concerned about Stone's business interests possibly mixing with his political role.

Read more here:

I could easily fill a book with this stuff but this should give you an idea.
feel free to add more in the comments !

Peace Terica

Let's put Hydrofracking near YOU!

I just tried to listen to this video . I could only stand seconds , It was horrible !!
Tall metal methane flaring stacks periodically fill the night with fiery glares and jet engine roars. Roadbeds of crushed rock, guarded by No Trespassing signs, lie like fresh sutures across hayfields, deer trails, and backyards, admitting fleets of tanker trucks to the wellheads of America’s latest energy revolution.  

The lure of million-dollar payouts has led many farmers, homeowners, school boards, and town commissions to lease out their subterranean energy wealth. Royalty payments on leases so far have topped half a billion dollars statewide–money that, for some, is literally saving the farm.
 for what ???
But unlocking half-billion-year-old hydrocarbon deposits carries a price, and not everyone shares in the bonanza. For every new shale well, 4 million to 8 million gallons of water, laced with potentially poisonous chemicals, are pumped into the ground under explosive pressure–a violent geological assault. And once unleashed, the gas requires a vast industrial architecture to be processed and moved from the wells to the world. Imagine the pipes, compressors, ponds, pits, refineries, and meters each shale well in Pennsylvania demands, planted next to horse farms, cornfields, houses, and schools. Then multiply by 5,000.
This is what NC is looking forward to to supply a week (yes 1 week ) of National Independence?  is it worth it to You?


Let's stop it before it starts !So we do not have homes looking like this .
or this
or this
fracking operation a few hundred feet from the Erie Elementary School ...
Ask yourself "Do you want this near your kids and grandchildren?"

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Peace and safety to you all.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who R the NC Mining and Energy Commission

Okay something needs to be said so I am putting it out here.
I just posted a blog on Jim Womack the now HEAD of The Commission before this post.

All blogs on the commission members will have the Label you can search here for - NC Mining and Energy Commission.
I am going to try to get as much information as I can on ALL these folks to see what is up with them?
Who are they in this for ?A few people that fill their pockets or the people who have to live with their decisions and the consequences ??
Mining and Energy Commission

Following are the voting members appointed to the new Mining and Energy Commission and the title or experience for which they were appointed.

• Raymond T. Covington, member of a nongovernmental conservation interest
• Charles Taylor, elected official of a municipal government in Triassic Basin
• William McNeely III, representative from the mining industry
• Charles E. Holbrook, geologist with experience in oil and gas exploration and development
• George Howard, member of a nongovernmental conservation interest
• James Womack, member of a county board of commissioners in Triassic Basin
• Ivan “Tex” Gilmore, representative from the mining industry
• Vikram Rao, engineer with experience in oil and gas exploration and development
• Jane Lewis-Raymond, representative of a publicly traded natural gas company
• Charlotte Mitchell, attorney with experience in legal matters associated with oil and gas exploration and development
• Amy Pickle, member of the Environmental Management Commission
• Dr. Marva Price, member of the Commission for Public Health

THe Commission, in conjunction with other commissions and state agencies, has been directed to establish a modern oil and gas regulatory program that is “designed to protect public health and safety; protect public and private property; protect and conserve the State’s air, water, and other natural resources; promote economic development and expand employment opportunities; and provide for the productive and efficient development of the State’s oil and gas resources.”

go by tell them what you think of NC getting fracked.
Now off for more information on the other 14 members .
If you have anything i can add come by my facebook page and let me know . the button is on the right.

Jim Womack is a Pro Fracker and proud of it!

I am going to show a pretty few pictures here for you before you read what is below it . That is Not a pretty picture at all!

yes you read it right and I will say it again.
Jim Womack is a Pro Fracker and proud of it!
Yet he does not think that is any reason for concern from the NC residents .
Just ask him , he really Loves bragging on himself.
Lee County commissioner Jim Womack  was appointed to the Mining and Energy
 Commission by Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger.

Womack couldn’t say why he’s currently the only candidate for chairman
 of the MEC, but he believes he’s uniquely qualified to lead the fracking
 oversight board due to his background in the military, the private sector,
 and local government.
Jim Womack Is the Oppointed  new chair of the Mining and Energy
Commission charged with assessing the risks associated with fracking?

says earlier this week "Slow down is not in my lexicon," he told WRAL News.
  "You’re more likely to have a meteorite fall from
the sky and hit you on the head than you are to contaminate
groundwater with fracking fluid percolating up from under the ground."
Even fracking proponents acknowledge that the new form of gas drilling
 has problems. 

Fracking has been linked to more than 1,000 cases of water contamination
across the country, involving polluted tap water and toxic spills.
found at ...

After all, the bill that created the Mining and Energy
 Commission tells the panel to craft rules to "protect
the state's air, water, and natural resources."

Out-of-state companies have already bought upwards of 9,000 acres to drill
 in Chatham, Moore and Lee counties, and the General Assembly has created a
 Polluter- friendly commission to pave the way for the controversial drilling
 practice—as early as
2014—over the objections of thousands of North Carolinians,
 local elected officials and even Gov. Bev Perdue.

Here are some links to petions against fracking Please go sign them.
Tell the fracking chair: consider the facts (petition)

Protect our waters from fracking (petition)

           Speaking out is our only chance.

need more info about fracking effects go to
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