Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anti-frack pics from May 19th 2012 March in Raleigh NC

This is a collection of pictures I took at the first march I went to on May 19th in Raleigh NC to the Legislator Building .
I was unable to download my pictures on the old laptop I have fought this fight (running a page daily on Facebook)
 with since March of this year. Every video I have posted I have watched with it sounding like a person with hiccups speaking threw a drive-in speaker !
 Then a friend and her wonderful computer geek son made me a tower out of my DVD burner and other parts he had laying around ! I LOVE UP-Cycling ! 
It works great and I am watching videos and having no trouble at all ! So now after uploading 10 months of saved pictures ...Including my son's wedding!

 It is time to finally get to share these pictures.
Please help me share this pics with folks that were there!
& feel free to share the link with friends and if you see someone you know click the link and you can download the pics ! 
Enjoy and Keep on Fighting the frack! 
Peace Terica