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Four with local ties chosen for state panel are Pro-Frack

 Okay I am Peaced Off ! Yes I spelled it right. I am so angry my peaceful side is off somewhere . 

I normally go dig in my garden when I get upset at all the insanity going on these days ...but it is just too dang hot. 
   So I did some research on the subject that got me stirred up.
I will give links to where I got my info , even though these politicians did not do the same .

WWGP1050 got me stirred with an article . Lee County is well represented on state panel

Several local men will make up at least a third of the members of a state panel for developing rules for
 the controversial fracking issue.
 Among the  board members are
Ray Covington, Commissioner Jim Womack, City Council member Charles Taylor,
and Moore County resident, Charlie Holbrook. 

Learn these names well ,our fate may count on it!
This is a list of names of the People who are supposed to be "representing us" that have publicly said they are Pro-frack.

So I decided to find out some info and share with the radio folks and anyone else who will read this.

some info from Sanford Herald -from Feb,2012

Ray Covington is co-founded Sanford-based North Carolina Oil and Gas LLC.
Who has leased LOTS of land to be fracked.
Covington lives in Guilford County, but is a native of Lee County and a property owner.
Covington, who represents a consortium of local landowners in the 59,000 acres of Lee property targeted for gas exploration,
said his presentation will focus on the affected landowners in this county, pointing to concerns that "predatory" drilling companies
will offer leasing contracts that sap the landowners' resources and eschew liability if the practice leaves harm.
"We're fighting hard to protect the landowners and mineral owners' rights," Covington said.
 "And we need to be absolutely sure we do all the proper research before we do anything."
In a copy of his presentation provided to The Herald, Covington calls for state leaders to OK drilling only if
thorough regulations and oversight are implemented. He also calls for protection from deceptive
 "wildcatters" or land men, noting instances of some locals receiving checks as down payments from gas companies.
Small print on the back of the checks denotes that landowners will be agreeing to the lease terms of the company
 if the check is cashed, he said.

 Commissioner Jim Womack
 Womack said he believes the profits from fracking, if legally allowed,
would potentially reduce local property taxes by 25 percent, increase the sales tax by 100 percent and
sprout "windfall" energy revenues based on his conversations with at least one leader in Bradford County, Pa.,
where fracking is already allowed.
"Right now, it looks to be a very rich play in this part of the country," Womack said. "We certainly are at the hub."

Womack added that he expects the environmental impact to be "trivial if anything,"
arguing that there is not one validated example of well water being poisoned by fracking fluid.
"You got a greater chance of being struck by lightning inside your house than something like that happening," he said.

Sanford City Council member Charles Taylor,
Charles Taylor is the new static control business manager for 3M workstation and
flooring products.

Charles Taylor, Lee County native Ray Covington and
Moore County resident Charlie Holbrook were all appointed by House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg). Taylor Still does not he is profracking but seeing Who picked him I am sure he is.
1 day ago ...from Sanford herald ...
 HYDRAULIC FRACTURING: Four with local ties chosen for state panel.
"I think they want people that are active and work in their communities,"
Taylor said, adding that he was honored to be named to the commission and happy the
 General Assembly decided to include local government representation.
"I'm not an expert, but I'm willing to listen to the input of local citizens," he said, adding,
 "I think one of the staples of my last four-and-a-half years [in city government] is getting people involved,
and I think it'll be the same on the commission."

and Moore County resident, Charlie Holbrook is totally Profrack
Geologist Charles Holbrook began with the basics.
"Three fossil fuels - coal, oil and natural gas - have given us a life of relative comfort,
provided us a means of livelihood, freedom of movement and likely saved us from the conquering forces of Nazi Germany and Japan during World War II,"
Holbrook said. "Electricity is not a primary energy source -
 it must be generated by other energy sources, primarily coal, natural gas, nuclear and hydro.
Solar and wind account for less than 1 percent, and is not projected to reach more than two percent
 by the year 2030."
next was written by Holbrook

So now it is time to contact these folks and tell them "WE will be watching them"
Part 2 coming asap ...Profracker Mike Stone ,is not for LEE CO. 

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