Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why Fight Hydro Fracking in North Carolina?

I was not born here ,Why should I care ? 

No I was not born here , but I have been here long enough I now have a southern voice ! (grin) 
Seriously I have been here over 30 years . When I came to NC I was a teen and remember seeing all those cool signs scattered on the highway like speed limit signs. I thought it was the sign of how folks think in NC. 
I had spent a lot of my childhood moving around and I saw a lot of land raped by oil and coal operations, I saw the poverty side too. Which opens your eyes wide.
So to come to a state that the first thing I saw was signs like these .

I started this blog above in April just 2days before my baby boy's Wedding and never got back to it. I have spent Everyday since March 19th fighting fracking but one, my Son's wedding.
my grandson will be starting school soon at DR school in Lee county ,miles from where they want to Frack

I have not been able to get it off my mind?
 Every way I can figure out, I have educated myself the best I can via the internet because my local paper and our Government official Mike C Stone has not furnished much at all that has not been BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by the oil company .He actually called me a "fear monger."

I have now over 130 people joined my facebook page/LeeCoNcSayNoToFracking 
 and I also help administrate on another called Say-no-to-fracking-in-NC
There are a lot of Anti-frack pages these days. People are waking up angry!.  

 I have been very busy. Every day signing petitions . Researching and posting .
I went to a march at Raleigh on May 19th , there were about 130. It was good but not nearly enough people for the press to even hardly cover it at all. But there is some great footage out there by others that were there.
 I took pics with my big camera and can't get them loaded on this OLD machine. Promise more later on that.

Well June 5th I went with about 200 people joined together for Frack-free Lobby Day to march again to the legislative building for the second time .
Bill Faison sent word out on the anti-fracking pages offering a chance to speak.I am not one to make speeches , but This time I came with a speech ,
 go here to read it.

Let's keep fracking away from our kids  


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