Friday, June 22, 2012

What Do YOU Know about Hydro-fracturing?

Wow life has been a whirl wind lately. I have put every thing I could find on fracking on my page LeeCoNcSayNoToFracking
the rest of the time I am posting at other pages or writing emails ....
We were told there was no hope less than 2weeks ago ...But we did not give up. We have been posting everywhere , sending letters and trying to make people realize this is Serious stuff. I try to remember , "We have Right on our side because "We are not in this for fortune but future!"
It can be hard when you are fighting against such a rich business world that spends $$$ praising themselves and paying Many others to do the same.
There are so many kind of people too.
Greed has lead many good people astray .
There are the, "I will follow my leader or pack" ...even if that means falling in a hole of lies .
There are the, "I just ain't getting involved unless it involves me ." (If you live in NC it does Now)
 There are the , "I can't make a difference so why try?"
There are the ones that just bury their head in the sand and pretend all will turn out okay !" 
Then the real trip is the ones that are determined to just fight us because we are fighting for nature ???

  as of today...

Nothing has changed, the bill went back to the SENATE because the HOUSE changed the language on June 14. The Senate has now “concurred” with those changes, and the bill went to the Governor’s desk yesterday for her to decide whether to veto it. She has 10 days to do so, and we need to keep up the pressure. So far, a record setting number of calls and emails have come in, and we’ve arranged sign on letters from businesses and local officials, but if you can get all of your friends and contacts from anywhere in NC who have NOT contacted the Gov to do so today, that would be great, thanks!

While the percentages in the House vote on June 14 didn’t look encouraging, when we checked with the 11 House members who had NOT voted (had to go home before the end of that long session on June 14), we found that most of them strongly oppose fracking, so have more than enough votes in the House to sustain a veto if we can get one from the Governor!

Here are 2 telephone numbers:

Email address:
I could go on ,but I won't .
Instead I would like to share this slide show and ask you to Please share what You know with someone who does Not know what fracking is ?  
When the NY Times start talking about fracking we know we have woke folks up a little! Now let's wake up the rest in NC. thanks for dropping by . 

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