Friday, April 13, 2012

Antifracking Songs on video

Music reaches people when nothing else can . These people have stood up to the big Gas and Oil companies with their own songs .Please enjoy then share with others too.
We must unite in this fight! 
We have to Educate ,before too late !

Song about the dangers of hydro-fracking, written by Bev Grant and Daniel A. Weiss, performed by WOOL&GRANT (Ina May Wool & Bev Grant). 

Columbus-area resident singer Jenny Morgan offers here own musical take on fracking, with a song called "You Can't Drink Money," during a protest at the Ohio Statehouse.

Fracking Devil artist unknown

Well have you been inspired yet? Ready to fight the fight? If you are on Facebook come to our page and get information or just search for a NO-fracking group near you more are popping up everyday . Just clicking share of the blog will help . 
Sharing is caring. 
Numbers count , get involved. 


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