Friday, April 13, 2012

Lee Co NC Government Fracking Video

Okay everyone here is the video , get ready for a whole lot of Bull Crap . Including the title  ...Workshop ???
 These people were specially picked , I think from the gas and oil folks ! Regardless it was a whole bunch of well rehearsed bull in my opinion. 
Let me know what you think ? 
Even better let them know...I am going to post this link to their Lee County Government page on Facebook.
 Let's see if they delete it too?
This next statement was found with the video below. NOT my words.

"The Triangle J Council of Governments hosted a workshop for local elected officials, managers, and local commission members entitled: Hydraulic Fracturing: Practical Considerations and First-Hand Experience. The workshop was held at the Lee County Farm Bureau Auditorium in Sanford, NC, at 1:30 PM on March 29, 2012.

This video covers the 2h:52m workshop, including the Q&A session.

Speakers include: Kirby Bowers, Executive Director, Triangle J Council of Governments; Ryke Longest, Duke University School of Law; Jim Hassinger, Executive Director, Southwest Pennsylvania Regional Commission; Rod Ruddock, Chairman, Indiana County Board of Commissioners, Byron Stauffer, Economic Development Director, Indiana County; and Richard Whisnant, UNC School of Government

The workshop gave an excellent overview of the fracking process, the issues and concerns related to the industy, the status of NC laws and regulations related to fracking, and the truth behind many of the myths, rumors, and misinformation that abound."

March 29, 2012 Triangle J Hydraulic Fracturing Workshop from William P. Cochrane, Jr. on Vimeo.

 Peace and good earth to you.
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Antifracking Songs on video

Music reaches people when nothing else can . These people have stood up to the big Gas and Oil companies with their own songs .Please enjoy then share with others too.
We must unite in this fight! 
We have to Educate ,before too late !

Song about the dangers of hydro-fracking, written by Bev Grant and Daniel A. Weiss, performed by WOOL&GRANT (Ina May Wool & Bev Grant). 

Columbus-area resident singer Jenny Morgan offers here own musical take on fracking, with a song called "You Can't Drink Money," during a protest at the Ohio Statehouse.

Fracking Devil artist unknown

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