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Will North Carolina Frack up a GOOD law ?

Hello everyone , I am going to be posting a little different for a while . 

Instead  of writing and posting about flowers,trees , birds
click this and you can see Cow hair weaved in the nest from nearby pasture.

 Nature and all the things that keep me at peace in my life...

instead I will be writing about something that totally disgust me .  
As one of my heroes says , I can't do nothing!
I am Out raged and heart-broken that our dear state of North Carolina is considering changing a very important law. 
A law they are acting like it out of date and needs reconsidering?? A law that was set up to Protect our great state and All the living things in it now and for the future generations!
It is the Law against Hydro-fracking!
Can you believe it , they actually have a law in effect that protects our environment and they want to throw it away???
I started looking for the law?
I found this article ...

I highlighted the regulations in Green since that is why they were made to 'Keep NC Green'.
our DOT sign

Permitting and construction of oil and gas wells are regulated under Article 27 of GS 113 and rules in 15A NCAC 5D (Article 27 of G.S. 113 was amended this year by Session Law 2011-276 ). The minimum well construction standards in 15A NCAC 2C .0100 are also applicable.
In North Carolina, several regulations currently prevent hydrofracking or other practices commonly conducted in exploration and production of shale gas in some other states. These practices/regulations include:
Practice: Horizontal drilling to allow a greater extent of the gas-producing shale to be reached from a single well. Without horizontal drilling, many more wells would be necessary to extract gas from the same volume of shale.
North Carolina Law: 15A NCAC 5D .0107(e) requires that oil and gas wells be drilled within 3 degrees of vertical.

Practice: Injection wells are used for disposal of produced water and other fluids associated with oil & gas exploration and production.
North Carolina Law: G.S. 143-214.2(b) prohibits the use of wells for disposal of wastes.

Practice: Injection wells are used in oil and gas production to inject chemicals, water or wastewater in order to enhance the movement of oil or gas towards a production well.
North Carolina Law: 15A NCAC 2C .0209(b) prohibits injection wells used to dispose of fluids produced in the extraction of oil & gas or wells used for enhanced recovery of oil & gas.
In addition, direct discharges of wastewater from oil and gas exploration/production are prohibited under federal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, or NPDES, permit program regulations. Land-based disposal of wastewaters, produced waters and drilling wastes may be permissible under DENR’s land application and solid waste regulatory programs, but at this time no such activities have been permitted or are known to have occurred.
As one piece of the state’s shale gas study, DENR has requested a nonprofit organization called State Review of Oil & Natural Gas Environmental Regulations (STRONGER) to perform a review of North Carolina’s oil and gas regulatory programs. 

The STRONGER review process brings together representatives from the state, the oil and gas industry, and public interest stakeholders to evaluate the state’s regulatory programs against STRONGER’s set of national guidelines. 
 STRONGER’s review panel will meet in late October to gather information about the state’s processes, and will issue a report in late 2011 or early 2012.

Now to get organized to fight this? 
What can WE do against big Politicians and Corps with Greed on their minds? 
Well the one thing I know is we Can't count on them to Speak for Us.
 So we have to... I found this video and I hope We can have something here in Lee County NC soon to help educate our community of what could happen if we let them legalize fracking?
Till then I have started a page on Facebook for Lee County and I am reaching out to all the "fracktivist " I can find .

This is just 1 of 1000's of video that are out there and more coming in every day. These are Real they are not commercials as we are seeing about how Fracking is good for the future.

from the video at youtube
Natural Gas Exxposed tells the stories of Americans whose lives have been devastated by gas drilling. All across the country, gas companies are poisoning water, tearing apart communities and destroying the American dream for thousands of families who can't protect their children from what comes out of the tap. 
Go to
to learn how you can involve your local community in the fight against natural gas drilling.

Now here is a real kicker , I already live at  a Propane pipeline !
I have been posting pictures of the lovely wildflowers that grows there. I get a calender once a year from them reminding how they do everything possible to keep Us safe ...
But if we happen to hear anything weird ,please report it ?
they tell you an evacuation route too! hmmm maybe I need to learn more about them too?  
this is what is looks like now full of redbud trees !
this is one of many signs on the pipeline I tend to chop from my photos !

Okay so I am going to end this now and hope to get feed back on this. Be it pro or con .I am ready to stand up for NC , are You?
to learn more and give your input go here. 


  1. I am from NY -- upstate, not the city. I live a mere 8 or 12 miles from the Pennsylvania line and so my community is on the front lines of the spread of this. Since about 2008 folks from places like Pennsylvania, Colorado, and even the mayor of Dish Texas have come to us to warn us of the dangers if NY allows fracking. The last NY governor agreed to a moratorium until the state environmental agency could conduct tests, but the present governor is feeling the pressure from corporations and probably other politicians as well who receive campaign contributions from these corporations.
    In sum, there is a lot of information on it and most of it is bad. While I sympathize with land-owners who are told that their property can be worth a fortune, I have heard others who are dealing with deep regrets that they are selling a clean environment for a toxic one. Contract signers are selling their neighbors' rights as well. The economic downturn has created an atmosphere of desperation, and this is offered as the panacea.
    It is hard to mentally digest all of the circumstances to natural gas drilling. Keep your focus on the beauty of nature, on clean water and air and a stable firmament. And there is indeed a satisfaction that comes when you know you are on the right side of history.

    You will need a community to help you keep up your energy when you are tired and saddened. Find a philosophy of resistance that reinforces your values and new friends who are caring and smart and willing to learn and go that extra mile. Life is worth it.
    Peace & Justice,

  2. Wow Carol thanks for such an encouraging letter. I thought the 1st letter would be controversy ...I will take your advice to heart strongly.
    I have a lot in stake with this because I have grandchildren here all around the area the gas companies want. I also own some of the prime area they want.Only an acre or so but it still counts!
    I was a custodian of the elementary school right in the middle of it too for 10+ years ,lot of those kids still call me Mom when they see me now with their kids around town.Those are the ones I am going to reach out to for support and energy. It is their future more than mine at stake.
    again thanks for commenting and feel free to come by anytime to read about NC's nature too. Peace terica


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