Sunday, January 15, 2012

LET'S KEEP North Carolina CLEAN

I normally blog of happier things here , like flowers ,animals and the wonders of nature.

Now I am writing about what maybe changing the wonderful nature of our state. 
When I first moved to NC over 30 years ago ,one of the things that stuck out to that young kid's eye was the signs everywhere on the highways ...
LET'S KEEP North Carolina CLEAN
Now you can't even find one?not even on  google? 

I am  scared to think how far North Carolina will go for more jobs that Won't last??
Are they willing to risk our environment to do it ? There are lots of examples out there about the damage Fracking has done all over the US.
I live in Lee county ,one of the areas they want to Frack around the environment .    
click pic for bigger show
North Carolina say No Fracking Way 
here is a facebook page trying to help educate
They are talking about it everywhere for Good reason. 
Here are just a few things I found this morning.The first was from our local paper , which seems to be pushing the fracking most the time.

1) found at  Sanford Herald Fracking debate calls for Caution, Wisdom
To the Editor:
I am surprised, but not concerned, that some municipalities have taken the initiative to oppose/outlaw fracking in order to send a signal to the N.C. General Assembly, and to the shale gas industry, that they will be vigorously opposed to any quick, ill-considered, late-night legislation that gives the green light to fracking in North Carolina before it is thoroughly researched and exposed for what it is and what it is not; discussed and debated in open public hearings and possibly decided by a statewide referendum before action is taken and legislation is crafted.

So, while I can see how this action may be seen as premature by some, it is not obviously to others. It is symbolic at this stage, showing that citizens, through their elected leaders at the local level, are concerned and willing to fight to protect their land and water from the perception and possible reality of predation on the local environment by the shale gas industry, especially after what has happened in Pennsylvania and other states where oil and gas companies have, in some well documented areas (not all), extracted the gas and left some land owners wealthier but the countryside used up and in ruins at public expense.

I am on the side of caution — taking whatever time is necessary to learn from and greatly improve upon what other states have experienced and paid for, making every effort to understand this relatively new technology and whether it is something we want to open the door to in our beautiful state, which has always intelligently protected it natural resources.

While this could be a source of considerable new tax revenue to North Carolina, and royalties to land owners where shale gas is extracted, we must be prudent and wise and not rush into a new enterprise based on the disarming promise of new jobs and new revenues short term, decisions which could cost our citizens and environment dearly in the long run.

Richard Hayes /Lee County Commissioner

2)North Carolina Extracting natural gas from shale rock - commonly called "fracking" - is fraught with environmental risk, danger and uncertainty, speaker after speaker warned Monday at a daylong conference at Duke University
3) OHIO After a handful of earthquakes in Mahoning County, most recently on New Year’s Eve, Ohio’s Department of Natural Resources shut down five deep wells used by natural gas drillers to dispose of chemical-laden gunk recovered from natural gas fracking operations. The quakes, biggest of which measured 4 on the Richter scale, coincided with injections into the wells, pretty much ruling out coincidence.
Shale rock in the Deep River Basin runs through several counties. Lee County is considered the hot spot, but the line of shale also hits parts of Chatham, Durham, Granville, Moore and Wake counties.Dan Butler owns 2,700 acres in Lee County that are under lease for the prospect of gas production.

Pennsylvania farmers Carol French and Carolyn Knapp have spent the past few days warning North Carolina about water contamination, traffic and the frustration for neighbors not under lease.
“Our safety and well-being are in question,” French said.

Now I leave you with a song
May Peace and Blessings be upon You and NC

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