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Fracking Play Maps

Hello everyone , I was searching for an updated map of the Fracking Wells going on in the USA  .
It just kinda disgusted me to know they call them "Plays"

Wow looking through I found these other maps of other ways our country is being covered by ugliness .
This is the nearest I could find .
click the pictures and they get bigger.
here's another

from OIL AND GAS: N.C. works to build fracking regs from scratch

Or this one just covering one area read the story here
or this by treehugger

They are Fracking the world up
Here is a map of the places where fracking is allowed and does take place:

Well I have had enough of this gross stuff i am off to "Play with my crafts ."
Peace and Happy New Year .
If you know of a good map to share Please leave a link her or at

Friday, December 28, 2012

UP Yours , I mean UPCYCLE ,reuse , in your garden


Often since i started the fight against fracking I fall short on things i enjoyed before . Like taking pics and blogging about my garden ,animals ,nature and even Upcycling .
So I decided to start sorting out my pictures(1000's) and decided to make a Upcycle Album too.
This is a slideshow of different projects i have done around the house .
Click it and it will take you to the page for bigger view .
Peace and Happy Upcycling


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

NC Parents let's say No Fracking Way

I spend too much time trying to find a good article to post on the  facebook page in hope that it may make folks start to think they should "stop fracking" .
I read a post on Facebook this morning that caught my attention by Wendy Lynne Lee .
Even more so the comments and sites posted there .
it was called  " Fracking the promised land: Rt. 118, Lycoming County, PA"
this is how it starts ....

The following are photographs from Pennsylvania's rural promised land. Or: what used to promise an opportunity at life for Pennsylvania's families and their children. Why do we say we care about the lives of children when we build this environmentally polluting monstrocity with all of its necessary and eqaully dangerous infrastructure less than a quarter of a mile from an elementary school, a church, at least half a dozen farms, a diner, and a town with only one main road? Truth is, we don't give a tinker's damn about our children or their futures. The unspeakable tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary--those 20 unique and irreplaceable kid's lives--are lost forever. And here we are, fracking less than a quarter of a mile from an elementary school. Here's what we do care about: Opportunities to look like we care about our kids without having to actually DO anything that would help safeguard their futures. The tragedy at Sandy Hook gives us exactly what we perversely want--the opportunity to seem caring, compassionate, loving, responsible. But I say BULL SHIT TO THAT.
Did we actually care, we'd being doing a whole lot more than taking some pictures of a frack operation while it was going down. We'd be criminalizing fracking right along with outlawing assault weapons.
   What is a frack job but an assault on the future lives of our kids? Except for that what we're condemning our children to is even worse than bullets. We are condemning our children to cancer, neurological disorders, endocrine system disease--to suffering and to death.

also Please check out this blog , it has great articles by several strong fractivists .


Saturday, December 22, 2012

NC Vulnerable To Fracking Impacts

NC Vulnerable To Fracking Impacts ...
that headline caught my attention today reading about new elected Governor Pat and how he is busy getting all his folks lined up to frack the hell out of NC.

Flashback from the campaign ....
McCrory, a Republican, told WRAL News anchor David Crabtree on Saturday's broadcast of "On the Record" that he is an enthusiastic supporter of offshore and inland gas exploration. In fact, it's at the center of his plan to create jobs.
"There's no reason why NC should be sitting on the sidelines while other states of Democratic and Republican governors are involved in this process – and those states are the ones with the lowest unemployment rate. And they're also participating in our countries energy independence," McCrory said.

Why Would North Carolina Be Especially Vulnerable To Fracking Impacts?

A very Long list of companies that want fracking to keep happening .

Potential Gas Wells in Lee County (map)

click the pic for bigger shot or link above

Even Russia thinks the USA is Crazy
More resources and loads of new jobs for US citizens, what could go wrong in such a perfect scenario as fracking? Well, the answer is - everything! But to be more specific, the environment is in more danger than people think; the Marcellus shale in Pennsylvania’s hydraulic fracturing boom is being linked to numerous environmental disturbances, roads are also being torn apart through over usage by construction vehicles, not to mention the water, which is literally on fire.

Read the full story here

Want to get involved check out

sign this

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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Frapture

I really wanted to share this one with everyone so I am blogging this here too
Floks need to realize NC tourism $$ is going to be hurt by this fracking mess too.
Please share too
Peace and blessings to you all

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Fall is here  geese and the ducks are coming by for a visit

 All these shades of leaves are so wonderful to press and make pictures with.
When I  started studying about fracking I never would have imagined I would be reading a message written over 100 years ago that made me realize just how improtant it is to fight for nature and our rights to have it !
 From Theodore Roosevelt's Seventh Annual Message to Congress
Dec. 3, 1907

I read it and wished I could copy it word for word but just picked a couple parts that really drove home to me .
"Optimism is a good characteristic, but if carried to an excess it becomes foolishness. We are prone to speak of the resources of this country as inexhaustible; this is not so. The mineral wealth of the country, the coal, iron, oil, gas, and the like, does not reproduce itself, and therefore is certain to be exhausted ultimately; and wastefulness in dealing with it today means that our descendants will feel the exhaustion a generation or two before they otherwise would."

"To waste, to destroy, our natural resources, to skin and exhaust the land instead of using it so as to increase its usefulness, will result in undermining in the days of our children the very prosperity which we ought by right hand down to them amplified and developed." - read it in full at

Let's make it a better world for our children's future

Friday, November 23, 2012

NC Lee County farms Agritourism vs fracking?

Hi all I decided to focus on Smart ways to stop fracking from coming to NC .
click on pic for bigger image

 So I figured I'd look for Postitive things that are happening here that Fracking would cause problems for like Lee County Farms and Agrotourism !
This is what I was able to find in my morning search !
Seems was the theme around NC this month!

In “Bona Fide Farm Purpose, Agrotourism, Agritourism or Locally Grown”
The big question now swirling around city halls and county government buildings across
 North Carolina is “What non-agricultural activity now qualifies as ‘Agritourism’ and
 is therefore exempt from zoning regulation?”
The answer is certainly not clear and is being debated in many circles.
 Looking carefully at N.C.G.S. Section 99E-30(1), it states that anything that is “carried
out on a farm or ranch” and “allows members of the general public…to review or enjoy rural
activities” constitutes agritourism.  It is interesting to note that this Statute generally
 describes the types of activities that define agritourism as including “farming, ranching,
historic, cultural, harvest-your-own activities or natural activities and attractions.”
If one were to read this definition as strictly construing the activities, then the list
limits the qualification of activities to those that fit within the categories above listed.
 However, what is really meant or would qualify under the above activities has no boundaries
 at this time. Cultural activities could include anything from pig pickings to paint ball
and “natural activities” is a similarly vague category. “Agritourism in North Carolina”
 Land Use Law Quarterly, Zoning Planning & Land Use Section (Vol. 7, No.3, April 2012).
In the Sanford Herald I found these articles
As local officials and others walked around two Lee County farms Tuesday, a word continued to
 come up in conversation — agro-tourism.

Agro-business, agro-therapy and agro-counseling were also used in the dialogue between local
agro-specialists and politicians, but it was tourism that got the most mentions.
That’s because it has strong potential to bring new faces — and new money — into Lee County,
said those guiding an elected officials tour on Tuesday morning as part of Farm-City Week

Read more: Sanford Herald - Local leaders get lesson on economic impact of farms
Three farming familes saluted during Farm-City Week Banquet
Read more: Sanford Herald -


Re imagining Research Triangle Park
"The food there ought to be locally grown," Geolas said.
"The restaurants ought to be locally owned.
The retail ought to represent the best of what North Carolina has to offer."

He said the search for the state's best offerings is the defining theme of this tour —
and the reason behind a website the group founded for people to post their own stories
 and ideas for the park, at
 — saying RTP companies hold innovation in high regard.
Read more: Sanford Herald -
here is a few of the local farms here in Lee county or nearby
for local meat
for local vegis and more
for flowers try

So what do you know about AGRITOURISM ?

still want more check out

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Red Tail Hawk friend and Critters who visit

I needed a break from fighting the Frack so decided to share some of what is important to me in NC.
I started watching him in 2009 he was a young thing then ...I call him Baby Boy ,(even though He is a father now)
I recognize his call from the others ...He is very vocal!  
he knows I am there. He is young here

playing with it's pray in my back yard
I found this one this spring of 2012
sometimes the hawks are perched way up high

I did not know Red-tailed hawks are monogamous and may mate for life. They make stick nests high above the ground, in which the female lays one to five eggs each year. Both sexes incubate the eggs for four to five weeks, and feed the young from the time they hatch until they leave the nest about six weeks later.
Average life span in the wild:
21 years
found this info at ... check out the link you can click the audio button there and hear the sound he makes.

I think this is a Sharp-shinned Hawk , maybe Cooper's
better pic on next 2 shots . keep this for detail of id.

We try to make our yard eco friendly and animal friendly also!


my cat and dog paid this no mind at all

These are just a sampling of the wonderful visits we get . It is a reminder of why we need to protect the environment for all of us !
Thanks for stopping by !
Peace and Blessings to you !

Friday, November 16, 2012

draft for an NC antifrack pledge

this is my draft for an NC antifrack pledge. What do you think? Do I need to add more ? take soemthing out? please give tips here or on facebook at 
NC Anti-Frack Pledge

Together, we will take a pledge of resistance to hydrofracking in the state of North Carolina .

The Pledge to Resist Fracking in North Carolina

I believe:

that high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracking is an accident-prone,
inherently dangerous industrial process with risks that include catastrophic
and irremediable environmental damage; that these risks cannot be properly resolved,
nor can they be mitigated
through regulation by a government agency, like the Fracking / Mining & Energy Commission who's Director Jim Womack  has already proclaimed "He wants fracking here".
 Also Ray Covington's has his personal attachments to atleast 1000 of leased acres of land in Lee County.
These people have not shown concern for the public welfare and opinion. Yet they want to deregulate as much as possible for the gas industry , instead of creating rules that attempt to regulate fracking mishaps ;

    that NC Legislation and Governor and this agency, the Department of Environmental Conservation, have repeatedly turned a deaf ear to the petitions of North Carolina’s scientists,
economists, medical professionals, and ordinary citizens who have tried again and again,
for years and to little avail, to alert the agency and Governor Perdue to the many dangers
that hydraulic fracking poses to our health, safety, property values, peace of mind and to the climate itself;
that it is wrong to shatter the bedrock of North Carolina State and inject it with toxic chemicals.
that it is irresponsible to deface and endanger our environment and land that we make our money in Farming , Ag and Tourism . This is the main money makers in NC.


If our Governor permits high-volume, horizontal hydraulic fracking in any part of North Carolina State,
I pledge to join with others to engage in non-violent acts of protest, including demonstrations and
other non-violent actions, as my conscience leads me.

I make this pledge in order to prevent the destruction and poisoning of North Carolina’s water, air,
and food systems, on which life, health, and economic prosperity all depend–including that of future generations.

Join the pledge
Submit below to join the pledge to resist hydrofracking in North Carolina state.

NAME EMAIL  address /town & state phone Signed on this day, ___________,

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

fighting NAT GAS export

"If it were not for People fighting these fracking NAT GAS companies,They would be
EXPORTing it to Other countries ASAP !!!
Not using for National Security as they say!

 "Is producing, gathering, processing and delivering natural gas from shale formations
completely risk free? Of course not. But these minimal risks must be weighed
against the huge economic and national security benefits that can be realized
by fully developing our domestic natural gas resources."

I read this same kind of quote on the profack side all the time !
This is all a bunch of twisted words to me. Because the fact is...
The minimal risks ? Who comes up with the Standard for these ? Who calls the shots on that ?

good news
Congressmen Ed Markey and Peter DeFazio and Senator Ron Wyden are looking to block U.S. LNG exports.
And any projects that receive approval will have to deal with any public and environmental
opposition or petitions. Read more here
Exporting Natural Gas is Costly
President Obama, members of Congress, and various interest groups are tackling that question right now as the country is awash with vast new resources of shale natural gas. A debate is raging about the various ways natural gas could or should be used, including exporting it, using it in vehicles and as a feedstock for manufacturers, and encouraging utilities to shift even more to natural gas from coal in the electricity sector.
Meanwhile, some environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, are urging that the U.S. not become any more dependent on natural gas and instead shift directly from coal to renewable-energy sources like wind and solar.
In what ways can natural gas help the economy? Can it be exploited in multiple ways while still remaining affordable in its various uses? How do environmental concerns, and stronger regulations, affect this debate?
check out the whole blog  with 20 comments pros and cons here from members of Congress, and various interest groups  ...
look for Renewables Must Learn From Natural Gas
By Matthew Stepp
Senior Policy Analyst at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
By Clifton Yin and Matthew Stepp

 then check out ATROCIOUS: House Dems Trying To Block Construction Of LNG Exports

Let us know what you think at

Thursday, October 11, 2012

LNG Exports / National Security ?

Loving nature I have learned that  politicians and snakes have something in common. Both can Look handsome but you better find out how dangerous they are for you to exist with them around !

click pics for larger image

Trying to sell me that National Security is a reason to FRACK UP THE USA...
is like trying to sell me makeup . I ain't interesting !
 I don't want Cover Ups ! I try to let nature take it's course when I can .

Which it seems the media use a lot of both these days to pave the way for Gas & Oil to tell us NAT GAS is clean ,safe
Often to find out what is going on in the greedy world of Gas and Oil I read their newsletters.
Some you have to sign in for...
Here is the info I give ...
Ms Stop Fracking
 123 Frackfree lane,

I had 3 free trial accounts ,now I just get their headlines . It is still fun reading the start of the newsletters... Dear Ms Stop Fracking .
 I can google the keyword and often find an article about the same subject !
Anyway this is their topics of the day ...from Gas Business Briefing Reports

Shale gas could make US world leader in ethylene: PwC
The abundance of shale gas could elevate the US to world's lowest-cost ethylene producer,
 and set off a chain reaction of expansion in downstream,
chemicals-related businesses, a new PricewaterhouseCoopers report projects.
At a price of $3/MMBtu for natural gas, the all-in cost for ethylene would be $323/ton
 -- 31% lower than Saudi Arabia's $466/ton price, and a whopping 81.6% lower than Asia's

another headline
US Silica opens Ohio transload facility for Utica, Marcellus
found this

or try googling this headline and you get lots of info
LNG exports could fuel Japan at $10-$12/MMBtu: Tokyo Gas
find stuff like this from
   titled ...How to Play the Potential of LNG Exports
Given Asia’s thirst for energy, the United States is in a prime position to fill that need.
 According to a new Department of Energy report, U.S. gas production grew by a record
 4.5 billion cubic feet a day during 2011. However, domestic demand growth was just
920 million cubic feet. That leaves plenty of room for exports. British Gas Group
(PINK:BRGYY), the U.K.’s third-largest natural gas E&P firm, estimates the U.S. will be
able to supply about 9% of global LNG capacity —
or 45 million metric tons — by the end of the decade.
However, there are some possible speed bumps along the way for United States relative to LNG.
 First is expense. Gasification plants and export terminals take billions of dollars to construct.
Given the tight lending environment, some projects might sit fallow until lending returns.

Then there is the real problem of future legislation.
 Democratic Congressman Edward Markey recently introduced two bills to prevent shipments
 of LNG and would prevent the approval of any new export terminals until 2025.

 The bills likely won’t survive the Republican-controlled House, but the fact they were
 even considered at all is something natural gas investors should take seriously.
 Several firms like Sempra Energy (NYSE:SRE) have applied to reconfigure their LNG
import facilities to exporting ones. The impact of these bills could seriously undermine
 these efforts.

The political, legal and regulatory hurdles continue to mount in Europe.
Like in the U.S., public outrage over fracking has spurred several nations to ban the
advanced drilling technique. The U.K., Sweden and Bulgaria have all now placed temporary or
 permanent bans on fracking, pending further environmental studies.

France, which has the continent’s second-largest reserves, banned fracking in 2011.
That derailed a planned exploration program by Hess (NYSE:HES)
in the nation’s rich Paris Basin.
 Similarly, Bulgaria threw a wrench into Chevron’s plans when it canceled the company’s
 exploration permit based its use of fracking.

one more ,my brain is starting to hurt
U.S. energy companies are eager to export natural gas products.
The issue is sensitive enough that the Obama administration has
delayed a decision on export permits until after the election.
In April, the Sierra Club sued to block one plan for exports,
 saying it would drive up the cost of domestic natural gas and lead to environmental damage.

Come back next time for more on this topic , some possibly postitive things !