Saturday, April 23, 2011

DO You know this Duck ?

We had a new visitor today, It did not seem afraid of me at all. maybe it came from a nearby pond that folks spent time there too.

It posed a few shots for me then hurried off to tell the geese I was around .

I was at regular zoom here , then up to 80 zoom on most of the close up shots

Now that it checked on the others, it's back to business

DD dropped by here and said it maybe a Pochard  duck?

                    It even visited the mallards in our pond.

the female mallard is camera shy

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  1. What a great day splashing about on the water. I think your mystery duck is a female pochard?

  2. Hi DD , Thanks , I went to look for the pochard and we believe it may be the young male? LOL I was hooked I looked through nearly a 1000 pics and did not find one exactly the same and never found out the color of the pochard legs ?
    I am going to add Pochard to the tag list and maybe someone will drop by and tell us .


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