Sunday, April 10, 2011

Up Yours in April : Earth Day ideas

Hello everyone . I have decided to share some UP- cycling tips this month for Earth Day projects and every day I  hope. I am a big Up-cycler started way before it was a fad. 
I grew up believing in the saying "Waste not Want not" 
Sometimes waste can get overwhelming in these days of Over-Packaging ! 
I am a Big coffee drinker and this is a trick I have been doing a long time . Making compost with my coffee grounds. 
This lady gives a fun and easy way of uses for the grounds so I thought I'd share this video.   

Now this has lots of uses for mylar bags, Still need more for my coffee bags though ?

Now what to do with the Mylar /foil bags ?
here is a thought if you sew .
here is the link to the tutorial

Now this looks like something I could handle or the next 

 So come back for more tips soon , my goal is daily till 
April 22nd Earth Day !

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  1. Love your tips, especially like the mylar bag tip! Thanks.


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