Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Distractions from gardening today

Hello everyone , I have seen enough things online about the tornado to blow my mind. Went out to pull some weeds to release some stress.
I decided to blog about something that makes me happy , Spring.
This is some of the distractions I have had today.  . 

You can click these to make them bigger. The squirrels were cutting up I could not help but to stop and go get the camera.

this is Mom she is wanting them to get up the tree ,she sees the cat.

Here's Pop

new baby

2nd baby

3 squirrels in this shot and below

click to see all 3

there are 3 here. I know it is fuzzy but I had to show it.

Spring Star Flower - White Star

Rosa multiflora

mini wild rose bush and below ,it grows in our trees too.

These so need pressing
 Now the dog needs a walk , to the pipeline
Sisyrinchium angustifolium, commonly known as Stout blue-eyed grass

American Mandrake,Mayapple
American Mandrake,Mayapple close up
for more info on mandrake go to

Pinster flower bush
for great info on this bush look here

I think this is a eastern tailedblue butterfly

He is always checking on me.

There is Fern out here and Pitcher Plants

this grape vine is great to press

Pitcher Plant

More ferns I have found 6 kinds around here.

we have Purple coming soon

Now back to the garden..Peace 


  1. Oh, Terica, thank you so much for letting me see Spring! Some day I will live in the south again. The leaf that you didn't know the name of is a Mayapple, also known as Mandrake. We had tons of them on the hill behind our house in Missouri. All parts of the plant are toxic except for the ripe fruit. We never got the fruits...deer or some critter always got to them before we did. Thanks again for the 'trip'!

  2. Thanks ladybug , I will update it ASAP. Peace

  3. absolutely beauty-full!:-)...

    thank you for starting my day with a bright beginning!:-)

    love the squirrel!:-)


  4. Beautiful green shots and I loved the squirrel play. Spring, at last, is here! Yay!


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