Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update on "Ms Ruby Patches " the Cat

Well if life could get any crazier I hope it's not anytime soon. 
For those of You that have read the previous story here we were adopted by this beautiful loving cat . 
She came along and took our hearts .Ginger too 

Well as I said in the last post , we took her to get the works, shots and fixed. We get a call saying ,she tested positive for Feline aids ?
Then told , well she may have had the vaccine and that would show as positive on the test ? okay ,we say go ahead if you think she will live a fairly normal life... 
next day get a call saying " We cut her open and found out that she has been fixed already !! " 
What ? She was fixed? You cut her open for nothing? Isn't this something You can check for before Opening her up ?? 
Oh and they took 50 bucks off the original price since they did not actually take anything out?? When we asked why it still cost so much they said and I quote " Blame the medicine companies " OMG
I felt like Screaming!We got the cat and went home. As soon as we got home she starting walking around checking everything! Then started down the hill and laid in the grass rolled over and showed me her scars . I wanted to cry . Why couldn't they have figured out she was fixed besides slicing her open?
She then strolled to the park area to scan the area and sit a while at the bench .

 Ginger still has a little trouble wanting to share her Poppy !

Well it has taken us days to calm down from this one. 
I  told someone just lately , "It is double hard to get over being mad,
When You are mad at yourself too!" 
I was mad at them for not looking for scars or testing her ? 
I was mad at myself for being so silly not checking into this stuff more ahead of time. 
For a stray cat no less , I could have finally bought that Ruby Ring !
The one I think about every time I think of spending money on frivolousness ! I have not needed for much in a while ! I do not buy fancy things and I tend to be very thrifty. 
But once in a blue moon I dream of a Ruby. I had one in mind for Valentines day ,but decided I'd wait till after for a thrifty price !
Well I knew it was the ring or the cat in my heart. I could not rationalize both !??
So after thinking on the whole situation , I decided , I would find the positive in this picture. 
Here it is ,Ginger has a friend now and loves for her ! 
a ring would have been for me ,probably would have lost it anyway.
Good news ,she is doing fine , already caught a mouse and was very proud of it ! Plus they did say since she was fixed she probably was "FIV" free too. meaning she probably got the shot the last time she was cut on.
I have decided to name her Ruby Patches , to remind me of this adventure ... 

Guess we will keep her around !

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