Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love Plants and Uses

Recently I was looking for plants that have Love in their name. I thought it would be fun to have a Love patch in our garden. We have "Love in a Puff" or "Heart Seed"

seed pod

see the Tiny white flowers

here's the seed with a heart on it. I ;ost my pic so I found this picture at the blog listed below .

 We also have a vine on our pipeline called "Love vine" but I don't want it in my garden or yard . It is invasive and spooky ,it has no leaves none. The yellow you see covering things is a thin "choking smothering" vine . Not the kind of Love I want !

Freaky stuff

Here  are some cool looking ones for our new collection. 

A Rose Named Love
The Love Rose

Love-in-a-Mist (Nigella damascena) or Devil-in-a-Bush is any garden favorite with showy flowers, and a romantic feel.Very old fashioned paper-thin blooms surrounded by a fern type spray of greenery. The flowers come in blue, pink, or white. blooms all summer . I see lots of these under the Puff vines .

They say these next are annual around here or a houseplant.
I have the green Oxalis regnellii  shamrock looking it winters over well.  

Purple Shamrock aka "Love Plant" Oxalis triangularis


Love-lies bleeding; Tassel flower ,
Amaranthus caudatus
 The plant rather mirrors its name; looks like it's bleeding.
and the Starts look like this , good to know since they reseed easy!
I came up with some neat things to try to find ,  along with a link of Love spells telling the uses of flowers for Love. 
I am not one that practices this but am always interested in the mystery of plants. 
I hope you found some Love in this blog :>} 
Peace and Happy Spring 
Now to check the local nurseries ....

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