Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pansy and Violas ,What is the difference ?

This is a question that I hear and have asked quite often  this time of year. So I decided to find out and share with you. 
I have many varieties in my garden and always looking at more!

Violas (sometimes called Johnny Jump Ups) are simply a miniature version of pansy.
 Viola flowers , however, range between the size of a nickel and a quarter.

Pansy flowers typically are about the size of a silver dollar. Both plants grow to the same basic height and width in the foliage. 
Violas, though, tend to have lots more flowers per plant!
So, while their flowers are smaller than a pansy, for color and show the two plants are fairly equivalent. They both are easy to grow ! Just make sure you follow the directions ! 
They love dead heading .  Cut a flower and get 2 a day or two later .
the more you cut the harder they work !
That is one reason they are also one of the most favorites of all Flower pressers like me! 

 Peace and Happy Gardening

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